Liberal Media Thinks “Creepy A** Cracker” Is Acceptable

polls_Humor_Cracker_White_Shirt_3413_626349_poll_xlargeAs a person that judges people on who they are, not their ethnicity (my sister is in an interracial marriage), I am very troubled by this trend of who can be PC and who cannot.

I did not vote for President Obama, not because of the color of his skin, but for the fact that he is diametrically opposed to my ideals as far as government is concerned. Even though, Mr. Obama was not my choice, I did think that finally race would no longer be an issue. It shouldn’t be, really what difference does it make? Yet, since Obama took office, the racial divide has widened greatly.

As for political correctness, that is completely out of control. This heightened level of PC mania is reserved for white Jewish or Christians.

Remember–keep all your comments generic, lest your life be destroyed. Write a hard copy of your morning chat with your neighbor the night before. Be careful when ordering white wine sauce for your meal…looks very racist you know.

Just last week we watched the fall of Butter Queen superstar, Paula Deen. Deen, a huge Obama supporter has admitted to using the N word a long time ago, and has since apologized saying she deeply regrets it. Still she lost her Food Network show, Walmart and QVC is considering dropping her as well. To be fair, Jesse Jackson has said he doesn’t want her to be a “sacrificial lamb”. Not sure how he would think if a Republican had said this. Don’t think he would believe we could be redeemed.

However, when the witness for the prosecution in the Zimmerman trial said Trayvon Martin said Zimmerman was a “creepy ass cracker”, no one was offended. The term “cracker” or “cracka” is extremely offensive and has a very derogatory origin. Urban Dictionary defines the word ‘cracker’ as “a term slaves used to identify the slave driver with the whip, because of the sound the whip made.”

Where is the outrage? On his MSNBC show, Rev. Al Sharpton said the defense was making a “big issue” out of this. According to Sharpton, the use of “cracka” wasn’t  racist because the witness had also used the N-word which, by Sharpton’s twisted standards, cancelled out the cracker statement.

(Interestingly, in Sharpton’s world it is OK to use offensive terms as long as you cover all bases–so in all fairness, since Paula Deen often calls southerners “rednecks”, shouldn’t that cancel out the N-word?  Yeah, didn’t think so…)

I don’t like the idea of being called a cracker. I don’t turn on the TV and say,”Mmmm, that is one good looking cracka”, or stroll over to the post office and say, “Give me mail you slow bunch of crackers”. It is offensive and so is the N word, but I don’t want to destroy someone’s life out of their ignorance or stupidity.

People are not infallible.  Forgiveness is the answer.

Sutton Porter

Sutton Porter is a conservative political satirist and pundit. She started as a stand up comic, doing political humor in comedy clubs. Performing for a campaign fundraiser she caught the attention of San Diego, CA radio host Rick Amato, with whom she worked as an on air satirist and producer at The Rick Amato Show on 1170KCBQ. Sutton has written for the Washington Times Communities, Breitbart, emceed various events, and been a guest speaker at rallies and tea parties. Behind the scenes, she has been Media Assistant to Dr. Walid Phares, who was National Security Advisor to Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney. Sutton was the opening act for Evan Sayet's Right 2 Laugh. Her website, combines serious news stories and leaves PC at the door with a wild dose of political humor.

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