Fighting to SAVE California (Yes, there is Hope!)

58910_541123105925010_1332272001_n“I believe the Constitution was meant to serve as a set of handcuffs for the government. We ought to throw the government up against a wall and cuff ‘em. That’s what they need.” California Assemblyman and Gubernatorial Candidate Tim Donnelly

This month California Assemblyman and candidate for the office of Governor of California, Tim Donnelly, spoke to the Tri-City Tea Party in Vista, CA. Donnelly fired up the group with his hopeful, heartfelt, honest and insightful message. He spoke of overzealous, out of control Child Protective Services (CPS) workers that raided a family’s home for simply seeking a second medical opinion for their baby. Contrast that with the travesty of the death of young Gabriel Fernandez who CPS had documentation was abused and yet didn’t intercede before little Gabriel was killed at the hand of his abuser. Donnelly is keying in on and doing something about fixing the problems in California that resonate with its citizens.

Assemblyman Donnelly spoke of the problem of putting up insincere candidates that don’t address what matters to citizens: “Too often, the party that’s supposed to represent our values and our principles puts up candidates that don’t.”

Tim’s words reminded me of hearing Pat Caddell speak of consultants that run campaigns primarily for the purpose of making money, not for the goal of winning and not for, as Tim points out, standing on principle. On this issue Assemblyman Donnelly said, “I believe that we can win this and I don’t believe that we ought to go out with any other intention than to win the election, but the WAY that we win it matters. And when we involve a huge number of people, when we do a grassroots campaign, when we stand up and organize on issues and principles, then all of a sudden everybody knows what you’re going to do when you’re in office. You communicate that to them. You telegraph that to them. You make them promises, but you have to follow through.”

Donnelly has proven that he knows what it takes to win:

“A lot of people will say it’s impossible to win this election without raising $50 million dollars. Every time somebody in the establishment tells you something’s impossible, you should understand why they’re communicating that to you. Cause they don’t want you to try. When I ran for election the first time they said it’s impossible to win with raising less than $50,000 that’s 5-0. Well I had never raised a single penny. I had never run for office ever in my entire life. But there was nobody who was going to speak for me. There were nine candidates, every single one of them was going to endorse, basically, the tax increase that my assemblyman had voted for and it was the tax increase that has pushed California’s recession into a depression. That’s why we don’t have job creation. That’s why we don’t have people lining up at our borders to come in here other than for freebies. They’re not coming for work anymore, they’re leaving. People are leaving in pursuit of happiness and opportunity to Texas, Texas, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, anywhere but California. So you know what I did when they said it’s impossible? I made the impossible my ‘to do’ list. I walked door to door. The night before the election I hit 60 houses while my competitors were out at parties celebrating their victory because they had all the money and endorsements. Sound familiar? That’s what they’re going to do in this governor’s race.”

Donnelly also reminded me of Sarah Palin’s words from her 2013 CPAC speech when he said, “We’ve already shown that no matter how much money you raise, if you put up somebody who doesn’t believe in anything, you cannot win. I don’t care if you have 170 million dollars, if you don’t have the right message you can’t win. So you know one of the things I think we oughta start talking to people about is we oughta talk to them about things they care about.” How common sense is that!

Politichicks’ National Director Ann-Marie Murrell has been following and participating in Donnelly’s campaign to pressure California to audit Child Protective Services (CPS) based on the recent miscarriages of justice that have garnered media attention. With the stories of baby Sammy and of Gabriel Fernandez, the ‘system’ failed at least two families, but as Donnelly points out, this is only indicative of a more widespread problem within California’s CPS system that has been shown to involve itself overzealously in cases that don’t warrant it and ignoring the children that need help so desperately. Tim also points to when he requested information from California government agencies involved in the baby Sammy incident and was told that that these agencies don’t answer to anyone, that including the state legislature. This illustrates the lack of accountability and obscene power given to an overwhelming number of unregulated, renegade California state agencies. He notes that when “the cops came in and demanded her baby (Sammy) and they did it through the authority that has been granted to CPS. The police have limitations on their power, they can’t just come in without a warrant, but if they have CPS with them they can because we’ve empowered them with incredible emergency powers.” Earlier in his speech Tim pointed out,“…these unelected boards and commissions, and they have more power over you and your private property and your livelihood than you do.” That runs counter to your rights as an American.

On running for Governor of California, Assemblyman Donnelly says the reason is because “I love this country and I love our state.” He has shown both through his voting record and his involvement in cases like these with baby Sammy and little Gabriel Fernandez that he will fight for those abused by renegade government agencies.

So yes, with people like Tim Donnelly willing to continue to stand up and fight for California’s people and families, there is yet hope for the future of California. So long as there are those who are brave and selfless enough to give time, voices and resources to support those like Donnelly; those who won’t give up and who care for the people of the great state of California in this great nation of the United States of America.

Assemblyman Donnelly closed his discourse, “The idea of liberty, of individual liberty, of freedom from being coerced by your government, it doesn’t know any party. That’s an American concept.”

You can find more information on Tim Donnelly at and via his Facebook page and Twitter.

Michelle Moons

Michelle Moons is a campaign treasurer pursuing a CPA license. She is a contributor for and operates her campaign finance business in Carlsbad, California.

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