DHS: Guilty Until Proven Innocent?

checkpoint-charlieThe 4th of July and all of its symbolism of our freedom has passed—and yet we are most likely being watched every moment on the Internet via NSA.  An executive order signed by the President was to give Homeland Security control of all communications systems.  The same agency that used the excuse ‘buying in bulk is cheaper’ and recently purchased 1.6 billion rounds of hollow point bullets is now in control of all our communications. The current population of the USA is estimated at 3.16 billion.  If DHS pulls the trigger, 1/3 of Americans will die at their hands. That fact disturbs me. I am sure some liberal is saying, “Well it is for our safety”. I no longer feel safe in my own country knowing one third of our populace has the potential of being killed by one government agency.  To make matters worse, DHS is teaming up with law enforcement and TSA to expand even farther in “helping” law enforcement check our roads and highways across the country.

This partnership with law enforcement is under the guise of ‘keeping us safe’ but seems only to subject innocent citizens to governmental tyranny.

By now many have seen the following video that occurred on the 4th. The police had a DUI checkpoint and pulled over a 21-year-old for no apparent reason. It seemed they did not like two facts about him—that he knew his Constitutional rights to travel freely, and that he only rolled his window down 5 inches and asked if he was being detained.  Despite knowing he was innocent and there was no evidence of any intoxication, the young man was subjected to a police dog search.  The outside of his car was scratched and after the officers found the man’s camera recording the illegal search, there were crunching noises that one can surmise are destruction of the man’s car interior:

Other similar instances of governmental overreach against innocent citizens are happening throughout the U.S.

We still have the right to travel freely in our country and our 4th Amendment protects us from search and seizure without probable cause. And according to the Constitution we still have the right to be treated as innocent citizens and not a criminal when you have done no wrong.  We the People have not lost our right to be considered innocent until proven guilty. The only thing I am “guilty” of is in asserting my innocence and my right to free speech and I hope you will take a stand in being “guilty” of this too, before it’s too late.

Lisa Marie Allen

Lisa Marie Allen is a Registered Nurse, a computer graphics specialist, a wife, mother and a dog rescuer. Lisa has lived all across the U.S.A.

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