Classless Commentator Perpetuates Racism (And Wears Tampon Earrings…)

image8A few months back I was cleaning our bathrooms at home.  Somehow my television had landed on MSNBC (or better known to this loyal Rush Limbaugh ‘ditto-head’ as PMS-NBC).

As I scrubbed away, I could hear a woman with a speech impediment talking about her birthday. Then she said something that made me put down my comet cleanser and scrub brush to go look at the television screen. I wanted to see who had just said such a stupid thing on national television—telling the whole world that her father was “filled with hate” towards White people.

As I rounded the corner and the TV came into view, I got my first glimpse at Melissa Harris- Perry, a middle-aged liberal political commentator.  What she was discussing was the hatefulness that her father had passed on to her every year on her birthday, the sentiment of total disgust towards the White man.  What type of father would perpetuate racism in a little girl?  Not a good man, this is for sure.

Harris-Perry said that every year on her birthday, her father gave her a birthday card.  He did not sign it “Love, Daddy” or “Happy birthday, daughter” or anything in this healthy vicinity.  Instead, her father signed her yearly birthday card like this:  “The struggle continues.  Daddy.”

It is no great wonder she grew up to be a bigot, with a race-baiting dad.  I would be embarrassed if my father had such a dark and bitter soul but foolishly, this talking head was proudly exposing him to the world.

Regarding her world view on just about everything, Mrs. Harris is wrong every time she opens her mouth, picks up a pen, or types on her laptop.  The reason is because like her father, she appears to despise White people and possibly the color of her very own skin.  And despite the fact that her mother is White, she says, “I’ve never thought of myself as biracial. I’m Black.”

Sadly, because Melissa’s father taught her to hate White people, it not only brought on a new generation of bigotry, but in her case it brought self-loathing as well.

Jerome Hudson wrote on

“This is a big pile of paternalist crap. The persistent “problems” that Harris-Perry is referring to are not new to life on planet Earth. And the “folks” that have been “working on them” are all high-minded do-gooders, like Harris-Perry, who have only made matters worse. 

The irony here is startling. Liberalism created the so-called “Struggle.” It was Liberal feminism that discouraged fatherhood and liberalized divorce which has destroyed families and exposed untold generations to poverty and government dependence. It was Liberals, unions, and teachers–comfortable in their co-dependency–who went from respected educators to a partisan pressure-group fighting for their slice of the federal pie, kids be damned. 

The laundry list of “persistent problems;” single parenthood, teen pregnancy, the dropout rate, rising welfare dependence, crime and the misery they produce, are all the effects of and are reinforced by the very worldview that Harris-Perry and her father subscribe to. If it’s fixed, Liberals have to find a way to break it. They simply don’t know how to mind their own business.”

Melissa Perry-Harris’s choice of fashion accessories on July 21, 2013 also showed the world that she is seriously lacking in class.  Her attempt at ‘yellow journalism jewelry’ made viewers realize she needs a reality check.  Wearing tampons from her earlobes is not going to alter anyone’s opinion on the unconscionable practice of killing unborn children.  Her verbal temper tantrum about Texas making limitation amendments’ to their state abortion law just adds immaturity to her long list of negative attributes.

One summer in our youth, my brother, surrounded by many sisters, discovered a large box of tampons in our bathroom.  Obviously he had no idea what they were for, but in his young mind they made perfect ornaments for his bicycle.  He carefully unwrapped all of the tampons and tied each one to the spokes of his bike.

My brother was seven.

Melissa Harris Perry is forty.

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