Why So Quiet in “Bash Bush” Country?

thIt has to be said.  It is awful quiet out there. I could hear a pin drop in Bash Bush Country.

Did James Carville retire?  Rachael Maddow, cat got your tongue?   Poor Wolf Blitzer, his coloring does not look good; I think the news is making him sick to his stomach.  And then there is Chris Matthews.  My goodness it has never been easy to ascertain what he is saying, the way he rushes through half words and garbles the information.  But he appears so distraught over the news that maybe five out of fifty words he speaks are audible now.

And poor handsome Anderson Cooper couldn’t be frowning any deeper if he tried.  Andrea Mitchell, Candy Crowley, the whole lot of them are quiet as mice in a room full of cats and even the Bush bashing, which has been relentless, redundant and wrong, seems to have ceased.

Where did everybody go?

Who turned out the lights?

What happened?

Perhaps our “beloved and historical” President’s character is being revealed piece by piece, layer by layer, scandal by scandal through his illegal acts, crime, corruption and his far-beyond- reaching inappropriate use of power.  He has experienced the words “whistle blower” more than all Presidents combined and this alone is a very telling and powerful fact.

Now, don’t get me wrong here.  Even in the midst of the “Obama Regime” takeover and his sea of shameful foam, you can always get a Liberal to whine about President George W. Bush.

“Buuuuush started the war in Irrrrrraq!”  (No, we were a coalition for freedom.)

“Buuuuush is an idiot!” (No, he went to Yale.)

“Buuuuush didn’t win the election!” (Yes he did win the election each time they counted and recounted the votes.)

It will be very interesting to see how the History books compare the job performances of President 43 and President 44 as Commander in Chief.

President Nixon humbly resigned when he stooped to a level beneath his office and got caught.  Our current president should take serious note.

Every day that passes without speaking the truth to the American people adds insult to injury upon our democratic way of life.  I wonder if he’s able to sleep at night while others are falling by the wayside, and his answer to everything is he was “unaware”.  And if it is true that he is totally unaware, who is running the country?  Are we on autopilot?

It was a sad and distasteful day when disgruntled Democrats were singing “na na na na… na na na na …hey hey hey… goodbye” as President George W. Bush and his lovely first lady Laura were leaving the Capitol at President Obama’s inauguration. That behavior was low class and disrespectful, and reflected badly on liberals as a whole.

At the dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, Pres. Bush’s former chief of staff Josh Bolten told CNN, “The whole presidency was changed on 9/11 and it could not be otherwise.  It was a very different presidency from then on. That’s dramatically portrayed in this museum.”

“[This] is a time to reflect on his legacy and also the public perception of a controversial commander-in-chief,” Bolten said.  “Over time when the emotions fade you can take a more objective look and I think that will benefit President Bush.  One of the really cool things about [him] is he doesn’t care very much. I mean, he’s not fixated on his own personal popularity. What he cares about is he did the best he could, he applied principle, very strong principle, to some tough problems, and he will be comfortable with history’s judgment.”

I am a conservative lady so obviously I won’t be singing “na na na na na ..na na na na.. hey hey hey….goodbye” in public, when President Obama and his first lady Michelle leave office.

But you can bet your sweet bottom dollar, I will be singing it at home.

I am already humming it.

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