Persecuting the Good and Revering the Corrupt

obama_cluelessA man, who was responsible for letting four people die in Benghazi, lied about it and led others in the proliferation of the lie. The same man was in charge of a corrupt Internal Revenue Service that illegally and immorally targeted conservative Americans for persecution. As if that weren’t enough, this same man instigated a scheme to hack emails and phone calls of journalists who dared to cross him or ask problematic questions. What fate befell this deeply corrupt man? He was revered and honored by the left. He went on multimillion-dollar vacations with his family and hosted LGBT pride month receptions at the White House.

Meanwhile an upstanding, decorated Master Sergeant, Army veteran of 25 years with a spotless record is facing article 15 charges and was “investigated, reprimanded, threatened with judicial action and given a bad efficiency report”, according to the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty.

“They say he is no longer a team player and was not performing up to standards,” Chaplain Alliance Executive Director Ron Crews told Fox News.

All because he had the audacity to read conservative books and serve Chic-fil-A at his personal promotion party.

Does anyone else sense hypocrisy here? When the President of the United States allows men to die on his watch without lifting a finger to help, and lies about it, blaming others–that is criminal! On that alone he should, in the least, be prosecuted. The numerous other scandals he and his equally perfidious Attorney General are closely involved in are just icing on the corruption cake. How is it that Obama can actuate so many illegal ventures and escape unscathed? Why is no one holding his feet to the fire? Is it truly because of PRISM, the covert “National Security” surveillance program? If every phone call is being listened to and every e-mail read, then I would not be surprised to find that judges, politicians and journalists are being blackmailed into submission. When highly decorated four star Generals like Allen and Petreaus could potentially be brought down by emails of a salacious nature, something sinister is going on. It is shameful that those on the Left are still out there towing the line and demonizing anyone who dares to tell the truth.  Just recently some jerk was on the The Factor telling Monica Crowley all our problems are Bush’s fault. They are still using that talking point because they’ve got nothing else!

I would like to see Hillary Clinton and the Left approach these scandals with the same amount of zeal and (self) righteous indignation that they attacked Nixon with. You would have thought Nixon had killed somebody. He didn’t but Obama is responsible for the deaths of four Americans. Why isn’t Hillary asking, “What did the President know and when did he know it?” That was her famous quote from Watergate in 1974 when she went after Nixon with rabid conviction and her question is much more pertinent now. Sadly, it no longer makes any difference to her now.

Under this administration the world is upside down and things have gone completely awry. On their watch and as a seemingly direct dereliction of duty, four very heroic men who served their country and defended their countrymen are dead.  Along the same line, Attorney General Eric Holder was responsible for the death of our border patrol agent due to his reckless handling of Fast and Furious. He is not punished but revered by the President who solidly stands by him—which doesn’t change the fact that one very brave border patrol agent is dead.

Numerous innocent Americans were harassed and targeted by the IRS costing them time, money and causing great anxiety. Meanwhile, the IRS agents who were responsible for the illegal targeting were rewarded with large sums of money and paid vacations.

Meanwhile our president, who is accountable for all these atrocities, is enjoying the high life and arrogantly rebuffs any who dare to question him. It is a sad time for our country when we persecute good men and revere the corrupt.

Amber Stivers

Kansas PolitiChick Amber Stivers is the outspoken wife of an active duty soldier and mother of five bright beautiful boys.Amber studied Political Science at the University of Maryland University Europe. Her passion is fighting for life, liberty and justice for all. Amber Stiver's blog is called Politically Propitious (or under the sobriquet "Politically Propitious Warrior Princess"). Find Amber's blog at:

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