Obamacare Causing Congressmen to Retire Early? Just Repeal It!

REPEAL+OBAMACAREAccording to an article in Politico, Obamacare has many Congressmen and their legislative aides jumping ship like proverbial rats from a sinking ship; many plan to take early retirement or merely leave at the end of this year.   The problem is that many of them will be moved from their present health insurance plan, which is subsidized up to 75% by the government (a/k/a taxpayers) into health care exchanges (Obamacare).  However, if they leave by the end of the year, they can keep their present coverage.  Rep John Lawson, Connecticut Democrat, says “This is just not fair…. it is going to hinder members’ ability to take care of their families.”  There is a lot of whining, complaining, and hand wringing going on among the Congressmen about the gross “unfairness” of this.  I have a news bulletin for the whiners in Congress:  Obamacare is impacting all Americans negatively.

Well then why not simply repeal Obamacare?  Just get rid of it– Simple.  The majority of Americans were against it when it was forced upon us and now that the negative effects of Obamacare are impacting most of us, there is even more opposition than ever.  Healthcare is 1/6 of America’s economy and the fact that our government has hijacked it is reprehensible.  Any law made by one man can be repealed by another man.  Please, Congress, repeal it.

Just do it.

We the People want to decide for ourselves when we will see a doctor and which doctor we will see.  We want our doctors to advise us about which procedure will have, and what medications we will take.  We do not wish Kathleen Sebelius or anybody else making any decisions for us, or determining who deserves something and who does not.

Does anybody remember President Obama’s horrifying answer when Jane Sturm asked him whether her 100-year-old mother could have a pacemaker?  This minute and a half video will chill your blood:

Ask yourself:  Just 10 years ago, would it have occurred to you to ask the President of the United States for permission for your mother to have a pacemaker?

Nancy Pelosi said that they should “pass it so we could find out what’s in it.”  Well, now they know, don’t they?

Please contact your Congressman and implore him to diligently and actively seek to repeal Obamacare and do not give up until it happens.

Abigail Adams

Georgia PolitiChick Abigail Adams is the proud daughter of a WWII foot soldier who served on the front lines in France and Germany. Because of her father, she was reared and steeped in patriotism. She is a true southern woman who lives in the foothills of beautiful North Georgia and works as a homemaker. As if that is not enough, Abigail is active in the home schooling of her grandsons, ages five and 15 years. Abigail works with conservative candidates on their campaigns and is a member of her county and state Republican Party. She understands the importance of her grandson's generation having knowledge of history and being a patriot, so she takes her them with her to Tea Party gatherings and Republican meetings. She also includes the boys with her when she is involved with local and national political activities. In addition to family and politics, Abigail enjoys gardening, sewing, cooking, conservative talk radio, and reading history and biographies of our Founders and of more contemporary heroes such as Ronald Reagan and Winston Churchill. Love for America, our Constitution, and a deep admiration for our Founding Fathers flows through Abigail's veins, and her heart's desire is to help restore America and bring her back to her roots of freedom, justice, liberty, and world leadership. Long live America; may her light shine forever.

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