Obama Admin Announces: Common Core For Babies

apple-core-xThe Obama Administration announced today in a Twitter chat that is has decided to expand public education from K-12 to include Early Childhood Services. Obama is ready to reward states that meet “quality benchmarks” like state-level standards for early learning, qualified teachers (union) for all preschool classrooms, and of course a plan to implement comprehensive data and assessment systems.

Expansion of public education makes a whole lot of sense since the government is already doing such a bang-up job providing quality K-12 academics, healthcare and IRS audits.

“RT if you agree that every child in America should have access to a high-quality early education,” Tweeted White House Communication staffers under the Twitter hashtag #PreKForAll.

I couldn’t agree more. All children should have access to a high quality early education; hence the more the reason to keep the federal government out of it.
Name one federal program that is providing high quality of any type of service to all children in the country?

I hear crickets chirping.

Legislators in Colorado have already showed us what the “less is more” motto looks like when they passed an additional 96 pages of regulations in attempt to reduce regulations for preschools. These new laws banned whole milk for preschoolers, require a certain percentage of “ethnic dolls” in dollhouses, and mandates state reports of how many crayons per child the daycare provider offers. And preschools like Montessori have to get state board approvals to operate in Colorado if they use wooden stools or puzzles, because these are just too much of a safety risk.

It begs the question: “What is the role of fed government in early childhood education?”

Indeed, Parent Led Reform, an organization that projects parental power into education reform- and which I am lucky enough to represent asked Arne Duncan, Secretary of Department of Education just that.

He replied: “Our goal is to partner/w states to increase learning opportunities for children from birth to age 5.”

In other words, Obama’s P-K Early Childhood Program is Common Core Standards for babies, and is scheduled to roll out into the states in a similar fashion. The “P” is not short for preschool; it stands for “Prenatal.”

Just like with Common Core, Early Childhood is being introduced in the summer- after the legislative sessions have ended. It is being sold as a hurray-package for parents, that finally somebody will save the day of poor single parents and their uneducated children.

And there are likely scores of politicians lined up ready to sign their John Hancock on this cradle-robbing legislation so it can be claimed as “state led.”

But there is just one tinsy-winsy little problem that prevents the Obama Administration from repeating the stealth maneuver it pulled when sliding Common Core legislation into the states: Parents are paying attention, and they are ticked off and vocal.

Some Early Childhood Legislation cheerleaders tried to sweeten the conversation by pointing out that perks and bennies for parents:

“#PreKforAll includes $15 billion from #homevisiting by programs like @NatlPAT that empowers parents at home,” tweeted Parents As Teachers about their own program which offers federal home visits.

Well, to some parents the proposed home visits by the government went over like a Fed-led balloon:

“To stay out of our lives,” Tweeted a parent under the handle @formerbondgirl. “That’s the only role I want gov 2 play in my & my fams life.”

“Head Start failing report. And we want to now do Pre-K?” Asked a mom under the Twitter handle @Manateespirit.

“Isn’t that called parenting?” asked Justus Reynolds about #PreKforAll.

After all, parents are the sleeping giants in education. When they wake up bureaucrats are not only outnumbered; they are over powered. Bureaucrats are only protecting their jobs, whereas parents are fighting for their children.

And folks, parents are no longer asleep.

Expect concerned parents to grow in numbers between now and November elections as we organize. And in 2014 legislative session I predict parents will be the new top education lobbyists, as they are already benchmarking a few politicians and their anti-family politics.

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Karin Piper

Colorado PolitiChick Karin Piper is an award winning author and transparency expert specializing in education and union transparency. She provides policy tools necessary for parents, union memberis, teachers and decision makers to become informed consumers in the educational marketplace. She also serves as executive director of ParentledReform.org, an organization she helped found, and works with various other non-partisan likeminded organizations. Karin was a finalist for OGI's 2012 Burke-Carr Public Interest Awards and nominated as candidate for Charter School Friend of the Year in 2009. Her knowledge of state and federal open records laws and tireless advocacy for open union negotiations has been featured by major media outlets across the nation. Her debut book, CHARTER SCHOOLS: The Ultimate Handbook for Parents, was awarded a 2009 finalist in best books for parenting and education, by USA Book News and appeared in bookstores around the world. Born and raised in Sweden, she lives in Douglas County, Colorado, the epicenter of education reform. Karin is a frequently sought as a parental voice and expert opinion in response to much of today's political edu-rhetoric and legislation proposals. She has been interviewed by many news outlets, including CBS, NBC, KNUS, EdNews, Denver Post, Los Angeles Times, and many others.

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