Governmental Tyranny

jefferson_tyranny_liberty_quote_poster-p228703354805321092t5ta_400The invasion of our privacy by the NSA, a part of our Federal Government, and tyrannical tactics applied to Conservative individuals and groups by the IRS, also a part of our Fed Government, must be stopped. We shall not fear punitive retaliation from our government for the words that we speak or the beliefs that we hold.

The scandals and travesties of justice committed by the Obama Administration are voluminous and reprehensible, yet they are permitted to act with impunity and never seriously called to account.  With ease again and again they forcefully ram unwanted legislation down our throats against the will of the people.  Yet the few and select responsibilities granted to the Federal Government by our Constitution remain ignored.

They say they need to monitor our every communication “to keep us safe.”  Keep us safe?  Yet the Feds insist that our borders remain totally open and that we give amnesty to everybody.  Our Bill of Rights gives to each individual the responsibility and the right to protect himself and family; the Federal Government’s role is to close and protect our borders and maintain a strong and well-trained military– without the likes of Nidal Malik Hasan of the Ft Hood, Texas massacre.  It is neither the responsibility nor the right of our government to control our lives, what we eat, what we drive, what light bulb we use, how many gallons of water our toilet tank uses, what temperature our house is, how many guns we own, if or when we can see a doctor, what medical procedures we are worthy of having, or whether our mothers can have a pace maker.

Fellow Patriots, it is clear that the GOP is not going to strongly oppose the Democrats/Liberals/Progressives; therefore, We the People must stand up together and speak for ourselves and the future of America.  America is a representative republic; in America it is done by voting and by staying in touch with our elected officials. We vote Congress into office; we pay them; they serve at our pleasure.  We express to them our wishes, and we hold them accountable for representing us correctly. We thank them when they represent us as we asked. We are not a nation of anarchists; we are a nation of laws and order. Our system works well when everybody participates, but it goes awry when one group rules tyrannically, and the others become discouraged and sit down.

Fellow Patriots, the time is now. Please, I implore you, I beseech you to put your Congressmen’s contact information in your phone. Please make one call per week to express your wishes on a bill or matter, your point of concern about an issue, and to thank and support those who do represent us well.  If every Patriot made just one such call each week, the difference would be astounding.  The call takes less than three minutes, and you do not need to be an expert on the subject.

The rights and responsibilities of American citizens are opposite sides of the same coin; our rights will be preserved in direct proportion to our assuming the responsibility of protecting them.  There is something for each of us to do for our country, and nobody is exempt.

You can only do what you can do–but only you can do what you can do.

Abigail Adams

Georgia PolitiChick Abigail Adams is the proud daughter of a WWII foot soldier who served on the front lines in France and Germany. Because of her father, she was reared and steeped in patriotism. She is a true southern woman who lives in the foothills of beautiful North Georgia and works as a homemaker. As if that is not enough, Abigail is active in the home schooling of her grandsons, ages five and 15 years. Abigail works with conservative candidates on their campaigns and is a member of her county and state Republican Party. She understands the importance of her grandson's generation having knowledge of history and being a patriot, so she takes her them with her to Tea Party gatherings and Republican meetings. She also includes the boys with her when she is involved with local and national political activities. In addition to family and politics, Abigail enjoys gardening, sewing, cooking, conservative talk radio, and reading history and biographies of our Founders and of more contemporary heroes such as Ronald Reagan and Winston Churchill. Love for America, our Constitution, and a deep admiration for our Founding Fathers flows through Abigail's veins, and her heart's desire is to help restore America and bring her back to her roots of freedom, justice, liberty, and world leadership. Long live America; may her light shine forever.

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