DOMA, Islam & God

IMG_3087It’s a good thing the Supreme Court made a ruling about DOMA (The Defense of Marriage Act) because now we can once and for all know what is right.  To think all this time we were going by what God has to say about marriage–so archaic don’t-cha think?  It’s about time we made a change.

Another thing I am really glad to see is that we Americans are finally starting to see that there are other people in the world besides us.   Can you believe we have been so self-centered all these years?  It’s such a waste we have never reached out to help any other countries or people in need anywhere on the globe.  So many wars and dictators, just think how much different the world would be if Americans had just helped a little bit more.  So of course it just warmed my heart to learn that we opened our minds to invite a Muslim Extremist who is so radical he is actually banned from the United States to the White House.  The poor guy, it’s about time we sat down with people like him and the rest of the Muslim extremists and learn how they feel about things.  It’s a good thing they like us now.  Just imagine what happened in Benghazi could have happened here in America.  Thankfully the good people in the Obama Administration have mended relations with the Muslim world.  Talk about moving forward.

Speaking of progress, aren’t you glad the administration is standing up for women who want to murder innocent unborn babies?  Is anything really that important that it should get in the way of Gay Marriage?  If abortion was like butchering an actual “real person” it would be one thing, but the powers that be say it’s perfectly OK.  At the end of the day the only thing that really matters is marriage equality, right?

And it’s about time the government started cracking down on all the guns that kill people.  Thank goodness for that.  Once the government is the only one with guns then we will all be safe.  Even Madonna seems to understand this.  In a recent interview, she said, “The thing is, guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” 

What a relief we are getting so much guidance from the government about how to live our daily lives.  If not, I have no idea what we would be doing–probably running around offending everyone.  Especially Christians… Can you believe some people don’t want to allow Gay Marriage but then have the audacity to think they are not offensive when they talk about God?  Geesh….

Is you head ready to explode yet?  Yeah, mine too.  My friends, this is the kind of gobbledy-goop that one can overhear in just five to ten minutes sitting in a Starbucks in Manhattan.  Which leads anyone like you or I with more than an ounce of functioning brain cells in his or her noggin to stand up and scream:

The Government Does NOT know more about Marriage then God!

Inviting an Islamic Extremist banned from the U.S. to the White House is NOT OK!

Butchering unborn babies is MURDER!

Yet the PC Police are worried about Christians offending people?

Yes, that sure is change for the better…

Ava Aston

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