Conservatives, Don’t Give Up! “Each One Reach One”

4823406511_903d6d39e8_zSome of you may have noticed I have not written a new article in the last few weeks. I could blame it on a myriad of reasons. Writer’s block? Nope. Not enough time? No.  Lazy? No..well, maybe a little.  Scared that I might end up on “the list”? No, I’m probably already there. Lack of topics? HA!

It certainly wasn’t from a lack of good intentions on my part.  I researched President Obama’s African vacation and the reasons why his planned safari was cancelled.

I researched the planned protests against President Morsi in Egypt on June 30th and Obama’s plans to deploy American soldiers trained in riot control to help Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.

I researched the rumors of entire Christian villages wiped out by the Syrian “rebels” that we are now arming, and the unremitting persecution of Christians throughout the Middle East.

I researched Rep. Issa issuing subpoenas to high-ranking officials in the State Department concerning Benghazi, including up to three-dozen survivors of that hideous night that no one has been allowed to talk to.

While I was researching these few topics, I was following (just like you) the IRS scandals, Obamacare, the battle against the implementation of Common Core, attacks on the 2nd amendment, attacks on Coptic Christians, creeping Sharia, Supreme Court rulings (particularly, the heartbreaking ruling on DOMA),  right-to-life battles, Obama once again circumventing Congress by claiming executive privilege for his climate control agenda, the “Amnesty for All” bill and the Gang of Eight, playing the game “Where in the World is Edward Snowden?”,  and last, but not least, watching the tribulations of Paula Deen. I’m sure I’ve left something out…but you get my point.

The real reason I couldn’t write? In the midst of these mind-boggling attacks against everything I believe in, my passion for writing was replaced with an overwhelming sense of futility and sadness. I have wanted to scream those infamous words uttered by President-wanna-be Hilary Clinton, “What difference does it make?” to the high heavens because I felt my voice was so ineffectual. What difference did it make if I never wrote another word decrying the assaults waged by the well-oiled progressive propaganda machine?  And still I keep trying.  I have spent the last year trying to educate myself on foreign policy, domestic policy, political parties, and progressive tactics just in order to write somewhat intelligently about my chosen topics. Believe me, that can be very time-consuming when one starts from an attitude of “as long as it does not affect me, why should I care?” At the same time, I have been surrounded by some of the most courageous, intelligent, talented, passionate, outspoken women I have ever encountered who have sacrificed their time and energy to draw attention to the unceasing corruption of the inherent individual rights we all have been blessed with.

In that frame of mind, I wrote my editor and tried to gracefully quit. She said “No”.

I tried to quit again, very gracefully I might add.

Again she said, ”No”.

So, what’s a “Chick” to do when feeling overwhelmed and useless? In my case, I prayed for guidance.

I went back and reread some of the comments left by readers on my previously published articles.  One commentator wrote a very moving statement in response to an article I had written on the true motives behind political correctness titled,  “Enough is Enough!” She will never know how deeply her words touched me and how they encouraged me:  “…I believe we can set a positive example…. each one reach one. One person at a time, let’s bring America back to it’s roots!”

Why this resonated so deeply with me, I don’t know. But, there it is–the reason I can’t give up. My conservative values are so intertwined with my Christian faith, that for me to “shut up” now out of fear or depression or intimidation would be equivalent to me denying my faith.  What if only one person is reached through my writings? What if only one person is inspired to embrace the righteous cause of returning America back to its roots? Is that enough justification to continue writing? For me, it will be enough.

My newly adopted mantra is, “Each one reach one”. I hope and pray, in these difficult times, that you will adopt it, also. Imagine if each one of us could change the heart and mind of just one person, our children and grandchildren might have the opportunity to live with the concept of  “freedom, liberty, and justice for all” – a concept we have taken for granted for far too long.


Lydia Susanne has conducted exclusive interviews with Israeli author Lela Gilbert, activist and lead singer of KANSAS John Elefonte, Todd Daniels of International Christian Concern, and Bob Fu of China Aid, among other notable subjects for

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