Conservative Women and Feminism

Palin-NOW-2-thumbIf you’re a conservative woman, like I am, you’re a traitor. Oh, you didn’t know? Well, let me explain. As a woman we are apparently genetically predetermined to be liberals and support the progressive agenda that is slowly but surely destroying our country from the inside out. Supposedly our DNA should tell us that we need the government to pay for our birth control, that we can’t do for ourselves and of course, the world owes us because we have two X chromosomes. As women we are victims and should not only be equal to our male counterparts, but elevated because we are special, delicate, weak snowflakes who are looked down upon by this male-dominated, misogynist world.

As a conservative woman I could hardly keep a straight face as I wrote that opening paragraph because it completely contradicts everything I believe. Unfortunately it is a very real perception of what liberals expect women to be – dependent, needy and lost without the government telling them what to think and how to vote. This is ironic because so many liberals rant about feminism and how conservatives want to legislate their lives and tell them what to do when they themselves are exploiting and trapping women in their agenda.

Liberals have ruined feminism. What started out as a strong movement for equality has turned into a depressing and empty message of vaginas, abortion and the government strong-arming employers to pay a woman a certain amount based solely on the fact that she is a woman, regardless of her merit or ability. In my mind this takes women backwards, minimizing us to a few choice body parts and reinforcing the idea that for whatever reason we need the government to take care of us.

Conservative women really are the epitome of what feminism should be. We are independent, strong, determined and believe in ourselves; you will not find a conservative woman whining that her boss pays her less because “she’s a woman.” That’s a cop-out in our world because we are responsible for what we make and what we accomplish, not our employer, not our husbands and definitely not big daddy government.

Where liberal women downplay the importance of family, conservative women focus on how complete a life can be when the family is a priority. Liberal women demand the ability to abort a child for whatever reason they deem necessary while conservative women value life and celebrate one of the defining characteristics of being a woman, and that is being a mother. It is almost as if liberal feminists hate being women and would rather be men, which again seems completely counterproductive to the feminist notion of equality. Yes, we should be equal but equal as women, not as some liberal ideal of what a woman should be.

It’s almost as if liberals think they own feminism, which is laughable from a party who tells women they don’t have to try, that failure is acceptable and not to listen to those who warn them of the tyranny of government. If liberals really cared about women they would be telling them they can do anything, they can be anyone and they don’t need the government fighting their battles for them. This is what conservatives believe, and yet if we pipe up and say any of these things we are immediately accused of waging a “war on women,” and being out of touch. Forget that what we are saying is that we believe in women… no, instead we are labeled as cruel and the party of evil men because we expect more.

Conservative women need to challenge these ideas that are not only poisoning feminism, but are also actually ruining other women’s lives in general. We are the party that celebrates the individual and champions the notion that we can all live the American dream when we work hard enough. We know there is potential in each and every one of us, and regardless of sex, color or creed, that potential can take us anywhere we want to go.

It’s time for conservative women to lead the way, traitors and all.

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