Battle Fatigue of Patriot Americans

459053_Wake-Up-AmericaMental exhaustion from the multiple assaults on the American public from our government and the regime is a regular thing these days. We have been under daily attacks from all sides since the 2008 election. The scandals that remain unresolved, and the daily beatings on our rights and freedoms are taking a huge toll on Americans and their psyches, and standard of living.

It is my firm belief every wide-awake, knowledgeable citizen is truly suffering the psychological effects from the terrorizing, scandalous, and outlaw regime. We who are concerned about our Constitutional Rights and our lawless Department of Justice, IRS (aka Internal Revenge Service), the Benghazi cover-up, Fast and Furious, and the James Rosen wiretapping scandal. Add to that the stress we have the Obamacare nightmare lurking around the corner, which will cost each and every American family an average of $20,000 per year. How can you not be traumatized from what happens daily in the news? Maybe there are no bullets flying (yet) but we are still under assault like Tea Party applicants asking for tax-exempt status. Then there’s the bungling of multi-agency handling of terrorists, including “workplace violence” Islamic terrorist Nidal Hassan–who still gets his military pay–and the ineptness of our government not to recognize actual terrorists like the Boston Marathon jihadists (of whom they had been warned of by USSR and completely ignored).

We are battle weary from all of the unfinished battles from an incompetent administration that is aiding and abetting terrorists at every possible moment, yet cannot figure out how to help the very good people here within its own boundaries. The nightmares from the never-ending   anxiety and threats, whether it is a reality that we are all going to suffer more, pay more, and collectively suffer needlessly from more government interference and intrusion. In the end it feels like we have no rights or freedom.

I decided to look up the term “battle fatigue” to see what they said about it. Interestingly there was no term until 1944. Then I stumbled upon an Army manual definition of the syndrome. You might be surprised at the broad definition:

There are four major contributing factors which cause battle fatigue.
They are— Sudden   exposure. Cumulative exposure. Physical stressors and stress symptoms.  Home front and other existing problems.

Any one factor may suffice if intense enough, Usually two, three, or all four factors can collectively produce battle fatigue. 

Then in subsections the manual states:

a. The first factor is the sudden exposure or transition to the intense fear, shocking stimuli, and life-and-death consequences of battle. This occurs most commonly when soldiers are committed to battle the first time but can happen even to veteran soldiers when they come under sudden, intense attack. Soldiers in “safe” rear areas may be overwhelmed by the horrible stimuli and consequences of war without themselves being under fire. This is an occupational hazard for rearward command and support personnel, including medical.

b. The second factor is the cumulative exposure to dangers, responsibilities, and horrible consequences.

Severity of Symptoms and Response to Treatment

a. The severity of symptoms and the speed and extent to which they respond to treatment are directly related to the intensity, lethality, and duration of the battle incidents which caused them.

In my opinion, the above is what our rogue lawless government is perpetrating on its citizenry. We have a hostile takeover, torturing the good people of the United States of America with government agencies that are using our own tax dollars pay for. This is very similar to domestic violence, with all of us suffering from the effects of government agencies gone bad and treating conservatives like an enemy toward its collective nation. The citizens are under attack from within on all sides. This is criminal and a form of psychological warfare on our people and in my book anyone who defends these enemies or agencies is committing treason.

Daily scandals and daily assaults on our freedoms are not threats anymore–they are reality for every citizen whether they realize it or not. Those who believe they were helping the regime via the running of guns, or singling out of Tea Partiers are 2013’s Benedict Arnolds.

In summary we have been attacked from within by our bought and paid for government agencies assigned to ‘look out’ for us. We are all James Rosen now. We are all Ambassador Chris Stephens. We are living Benghazi in reality, but our assailants and attackers are our fellow citizens, using the IRS and God only knows what else against us day and night. The violence is intentionally psy-ops and intended to have a chilling and fear inducing effect. That is the intent of what was supposed to be the ‘most transparent government ever’–to scare and create feelings of horror on a daily basis.

This Patriot will fight for what is right, even if battle fatigued from five years of being exposed to the corruption and the effects of a lawless government in the hands of Chi-town thugs and their dirty tactics reaching every corner of our once noble country.  We may be tired; we may be stressed, but rest up Patriots. The Hope and Change we were promised has been exposed as total corruption. Rest up and take care of yourselves because we are just getting started. We are stronger than the evil that wants to destroy us. The evil they have planned for us and for our destruction is backfiring on them. Maybe they will become battle fatigued from us Patriots for a change!  And remember that even our battle fatigue will heal in time.

Lisa Marie Allen

Lisa Marie Allen is a Registered Nurse, a computer graphics specialist, a wife, mother and a dog rescuer. Lisa has lived all across the U.S.A.

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