A Well Regulated Militia, Being Necessary To The Security Of A Free State . . .

Militia Man 1775“A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”-Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States

As scandals and assaults on individuals across the country surface in the news everyday, citizen activists have decided that organizing Tea Party groups, attending protests and contacting elected representatives have not reversed the growth of government or secured their liberties, as outlined in the Constitution. They’re mad as hell and they’re not gonna take it anymore.

Early Thursday morning, Operation Mutual Aid released a statement declaring their intention to “stand between the law-abiding, peaceful citizens of the states, and any and all governmental authorities that would infringe upon their God-given, inalienable rights.”

Members of OMA are just some, of what is estimated to be over a million others, who have joined similar groups, across the country, to form militias to stand up for citizens who have been oppressed by what has become a tyrannical government.

As they see it, government and some members of law enforcement have abandoned the Bill of Rights and Constitutional principle, and they intend to see that those who will circumvent it are “prosecuted to their fullest and most vigilant extent by The People.”

Some of the acts OMA identifies as egregious are:

* Confiscation of private property without due process of CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, …

* (Unlawful) Imprisonment or otherwise restriction of an individual’s freedom …

* Thievery of private lands placing them under federal domain while pursuing United Nations Agenda 21, …

* Any violations of the natural and obvious rights that a free people possess from birth, and are listed but not limited within the Bill Of Rights.”

Make no mistake; while OMA is serious about standing for freedom and Constitutional rights, they are no radical vigilante band of revolutionaries. They are a self-declared militia, and they do not intend to operate under the cover of darkness or act in any manner that violates the founding documents. But they do put law enforcement and government on notice. They will deploy units to areas and situations that are void of Constitutional protections. And they will do it at any cost.

“If you intend to stand against us, we will be forced to acknowledge your treasonous actions and we will defend ourselves and the citizenry from you at all costs.”

In an interview with Ryan Payne, one of the group’s members, he stated he understood the possible public relations challenge associated with militia stigmatization, but they intend to operate with complete transparency.

The website is completely open to the public and their intent is clearly stated there. Members have listed their identities and they intend to issue press releases as they engage operations. Additionally, they intend to engage journalists who are willing to live stream operations as they happen so that the public will be completely informed of events. Payne stated the lack of transparency in government is an example of what causes distrust.

“If we are not able to come together and figure this out, which is what we are out here to show them how to do, it can be done,” Payne says.  “You can stand up for your liberties and you can do it in a way that you are not the aggressor. I think a lot of people are afraid of that. Especially with how they are already stigmatized. We can’t be afraid to come together and stand for liberty. That’s the key. “

While it is important to understand that not all members are current militia the current OMA militia is comprised of citizens, military veterans, active duty military, law enforcement, National Guard, and is growing daily. Most know they will be demonized and labeled as traitors, but they also understand that the propaganda put out by media, Hollywood and government is intent on dividing Americans.

Payne said of the organization, “They are revolutionaries. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson. These were the rebels. That was the rebel army. The confederate states during war of northern aggression. These were known as the rebels, although their cause was exactly the same as the Revolutionary War . . .. So being a rebel in this country is the truth. Being a rebel in this country is being American. Being a rebel in America is fighting for freedom and liberty.”

If anyone wonders why these people would risk their lives, liberty and security, to be part of a modern day militia, one only needs to look at it through the eyes of Ryan Payne:

“The generations before us, it was there responsibility to insure that this didn’t happen. … It was very easy to be angry at the previous generations. What were they doing? As I get older, and grow out of my youthful ignorance, I realize that they were shown different things. That what the government, and the entire power structure, has done is fed the American people just enough to keep them comfortable, and keep their eyes, their ears and their attention off of what is behind the curtain of this government.

The other thing that this is, is a firm reliance, to quote the last sentence of the declaration of independence, on divine providence. My belief in God is such that He guides us. He gives us every instance to teach us something. The good, the bad, the ugly, the profound, the beautiful. Everything is a situation for us to gather information in order to make a better decision, to move on to the future. So in that sense, I guess we must consider it a great honor to be the generation that He entrusted to bring freedom back to America.”

Lisa Payne- Naeger

Lisa Payne-Naeger works to educate and inform members of the Grassroots movement, and others, through activism, being a citizen lobbyist, writing for Examiner.com, (http://www.examiner.com/political-buzz-in-st-louis/lisa-payne-naeger) blogging, hosting a weekly internet radio program and working with the Grassroots activist organization, Missouri Grassroots Coalition. You can read Lisa at Culture Vigilante, Homeschooling United, Guardian Ad Litem Reform and get Lisa's radio programming schedule at Missouri Grassroots Coalition.

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