A PolitiChick “Wacko Bird” Letter to Sen. Lindsey Graham & Pals


Dear Senator Graham,

It has come to my attention and to the attention of many other conservatives throughout this country that you are completely out of touch with what we believe and care about. Like many of your fellow legislators, it seems you have forgotten that you work by and for the people, not the other way around. Government has gotten completely out of control and instead of fighting against it, you seem to perpetuate and empower it to grow. For being a member of a party that supposedly embraces small government, independence and fiscal conservatism, your behavior is a mystery.

That being said, it is my hope that this letter of good faith will help you in realizing the error of your ways. I have taken the time to build a list of areas of concern for your consideration. These are important issues and if you want to remain a senator with an “R” by your name, you should probably pay attention:

  1. Immigration
    Americans want the border secured. That’s it. Stop with this chatter about legalizing criminals until you stop them from crossing into this country and disrespecting our laws. I realize you think that by pandering to this demographic they may vote for the GOP, but I can assure you that is not the case. You are advocating for legislation that will hand the democrats 11,000,000 voters, just like that. Talk about the death spiral of the GOP.  And by the way, being illegal is not a race; it is a crime.
  2. Freedom of Speech
    Please note that nowhere in the Constitution does it say anything about freedom of speech only pertaining to a certain group of people. I know, you backtracked on your comments about bloggers perhaps not being covered by the First Amendment and tried desperately to “tweet” that you supported our efforts after you started getting confronted, but at the end of the day, you said you weren’t sure.  You also said maybe we aren’t entitled to that whole “freedom of speech” thing.  At least now all of us conservative bloggers know exactly how you view our work.
  3. Wacko Birds
    Like Senator McCain, you verbally chided young leaders like Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Rand Paul for speaking out against the “machine” of big government. Like cranky old bullies, you both insulted their efforts to bring back respect for the Constitution, with McCain calling them “wacko birds” and insinuating they were in some way shaming their offices. Coincidentally, you made these comments after you and other Republican senators sat down for free dinner with the president.
  4. Sir, many of us feel the same way as Senator Cruz and Senator Paul, so when you and your colleagues call them names, you in essence called all of us names. Not a good thing.
  5. NSA
    I will keep this short and sweet. It is NEVER okay to spy on Americans in this way sir, and shame on you for saying you have no problem with it. We expect to hear this type of ignorance from Democrats, but not from Republicans.

These are the topics I would humbly suggest you think long and hard about. We are watching you and others like you who, for whatever reason, think you can get away with acting in this manner because you’re the “old guard” and you’ve been around for a while. I respectfully remind you that without the American people (including all of us wacko birds) you wouldn’t have a job. So unless you intend to switch your “R” out for a “D,” you might want to start making some changes.

Otherwise, we’ll see you at the polls.


Sam Janney

PolitiChick and Wyoming Wacko Bird

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