We Are Patriot Sharks Now!

Patriotic SharkLack of respect toward honest agencies and the good people of America has created an atmosphere where we are fatigued of slogans, lies and inaction. We the People of this great country demand a virtuous and honest government. We demand one that upholds our Constitution. We demand honest and open government whereby we have access and a voice in our government.

The scandals of Fast and Furious, Benghazi, AP spying, and IRS targeting of conservatives have all vindicated those of us who warned and were ridiculed as ‘conspiracy theorists’. We the people deserve better than what the Obama regime has given us. We are tired of the stinking filth and outright lies and fabrications coming at us daily from Pennsylvania Avenue.

We demand this regime and all appointees be NULL and VOID immediately. No more Czars. No more Department of Injustice. No more Communist Party members allowed to become Senators or Representatives.

We the People are going to be shark-like in our endeavor to purge this chum from our halls and government agencies. We demand investigations into every aspect of this illegal regime and their tyrannical oppressive policies and illegal tactics. We demand the heads of every agency involved to roll.

We demand justice for our murdered Navy SEALS. We demand justice for every wrong- doing in Benghazi, and our Department of Justice. We demand immediate arrest of every member of Obama’s cabinet who knowingly participated in the lies and cover up of every scandal. We demand the nullification of every executive order signed by the criminals in office who have violated our public trust and abused their positions in the government.

We are circling now. The water is churning. We are testing our once-respected government, but we are ready to attack and digest every last illegal morsel and swallow it whole, after our teeth sink into each participants and their role in the scandals. We are savoring our future dinner of traitors.

Eric Holder is now   going to have to play an “I Know Nothing” role. It doesn’t matter Eric what you do. You do not realize yet the sharks are circling you now and there is nothing you can do. Your little ‘floaties’ are not going to save you from millions of Patriot sharks who demand the form of Justice we have always had until you and your Progressives lied, cheated and hacked your way into the halls of our beloved Justice system.

Obama family, I suggest you pack your bags and go to some county that won’t extradite you. I will let you and your progressive friends research that one. If you stay here, your plans for world domination are going to go right down the drain with your own freedom. You have forgotten that freedom is more important than your power-mad spending and megalomaniacal form of leftie governance by criminal endeavors. The criminal enterprise you call the Obama Administration is under siege now by good honest Americans who demand your regime’s tyrannical above the law practices cease and desist!

We the People are the sharks now. We the people are coming. The innocents murdered by your criminal negligence, your criminal perjury, and your criminal murderous incompetence is no longer excused. Cue the music from Jaws: DUH. DUH. DUH. DUH. DUH DUH.

Keep it up Patriot Sharks: keep them on the move treading water as we circle them. The longer they tread water the more fatigued they get. The longer we hunt them, the more scandals emerge and the more lies they spin.

We the People are taking our lying, cheating, spying and traitorous government back. We are getting closer and they are getting more frantic. Now let’s get to work America.

Lisa Marie Allen

Lisa Marie Allen is a Registered Nurse, a computer graphics specialist, a wife, mother and a dog rescuer. Lisa has lived all across the U.S.A.

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