To Sheila Jackson-Lee, With Love

Sheila-Jackson-LeeDear Ms. Jackson-Lee,

It has come to our attention, the conservative bloggers of the world that you would prefer if we “shut up.” We had no idea that we were in any way offending your delicate, tender sensibilities and from the bottom of our hearts, we are sorry.

We are sorry you are so obviously intimidated by our conservative voice that you feel the need to tell us to “shut up.” Honestly, being strong supporters of the first amendment we thought you, as a representative of the people, would be as well. You have been known to voice an abundance of ignorant statements, and while we snicker a bit at you, we would never insinuate in any way that you should shut up. Okay, we might wish you would educate yourself before opening your big mouth, but we would never just blatantly express such disdain for you, especially on television.

We are sorry you feel the need to continue down the path of division, propagating racism and class warfare. Granted, we know you have an agenda to push (all politicians do), but it saddens us that this is your passion. In the same interview where you told conservative bloggers to “shut up,” you also said that it shouldn’t be “Buy American,” it should be “Buy African American.” Personally, we feel that regardless of race, color, sex or creed, we are all Americans and are perplexed that you would want to segregate the black community as part of your agenda.

We are sorry you can’t see the bigger picture when it comes to challenges facing our great country, and would rather focus on creating a climate where conservatives are the bad guys and liberals are the victims.  While we focus on the ability of all people to succeed on their own accord, you continue to push the idea that government is the answer to all our woes and even go as far as to tell people they are entitled and should go out of their way to become dependent via government programs. This is ironic because ultimately government dependence creates a cycle of poverty, trapping people and in a way, enslaving them. You of all people, who recently said you “Stand here as a freed slave…” should understand this more than anyone.

Finally, we are sorry you clearly don’t understand what it is we’re trying to accomplish. We are only a threat if you or your colleagues are lying to the American people, stealing from them or behaving in a way that we find unacceptable in an elected official. If you are honest, forthcoming and truly working under the Constitution to do what is right for this country, you need never worry about us.

Of course, since you wouldn’t understand the Constitution if we explained it to you with puppets and crayons, then yes, you should worry. We’ll see you in the blog-o-sphere.

Most sincerely,
Conservative Bloggers

Written by Sam Janney

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