Time to Stop Confusing Legislation!

rules-and-regulationsA career as a politician is one I will never choose. It seems like a tough job, and I don’t pretend to understand all of responsibility that goes with it.  However I do get tired of reading about legislation for a particular issue that is filled with a bunch of rules and regulations that have nothing to do with purpose of the bill.  Our political leaders should not try to “slip through” various unfriendly policies under the guise of “helping out America.”  Men with strong, virtuous character built our country on a solid moral foundation.  I think it is unethical and irresponsible for politicians to display such trickery.  If their proposed policies are good for everyone, then why must they try to bury them in a bill in hopes most will not see them?

“The Affordable Healthcare Act” is a good example of bill, which is now law, which is full of superfluous legislation that had nothing to do with the particular issue at hand.  It was so broad and so long that even Nancy Pelosi declared, “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it”.  Does she think all bills should be handled in such a manner?  Pass the bill and then those voting on the bill, and American citizens, can find out what is in it?  If I were a politician at the time, I would have felt like I had egg on my face from her comments.  I don’t think a CEO of a corporation would ever get away with enforcing company policy without first reading and understanding that which he, or someone else, has written.  It really just makes politicians appear they are either incompetent or that they only took office to get a yearly salary for the rest of their lives.

A bill that is back, and is another great example of misleading the public with inappropriate legislation, which has nothing to do with actual name of the bill, is the “Farm Bill.”  The Farm Bill should really be titled the “Entitlement Bill,” because that is essentially what it is filled with.  It’s filled with more welfare payments in the form of food stamps and agricultural subsidies, among other things.  The Heritage Foundation has a great article here.

When the prices of gas, food, and many other goods are at an all time high, it is not time to create more rules and regulations, especially when all of those new rules and regulations just lead to an increase in prices, higher taxes, and more unemployment.

Our country is at a point where it is bleeding profusely, and adding Band-Aid on top Band-Aid to try to stop the bleeding isn’t working.  Our country needs to figure out what is causing the bleeding and create solutions to stop it, but many understand the root problem and are being ignored.  Many understand the problem, but they don’t care.  Many legislators think if they are not creating new bills, then they aren’t doing their job.  Our legislators need to either fix the laws, rules, and regulations we currently have which do not work, or get rid of them.  Too much government creates a tangled web of confusion.  Thomas Jefferson said, “My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.”  I agree!

Angela K. Love

Born and raised the first eight years of her life in Missouri, South Dakota PolitiChick State Director Angela K. Love moved with her biological mom to Southern California the summer before her ninth birthday. Due to health issues, Angela was put into a foster home shortly after arriving there. The foster family took her in as their own and adopted her when she was 12 years old. During her first year with her new family, Angela became a Christian, surrendering her life to Christ. Her adoptive mother was diagnosed with cancer shortly after the adoption took place and finally lost her battle with cancer the summer after Angela graduated high school in 1986. Angela worked for two years at Focus on the Family (1987-1989) and went on a stateside summer mission project to Daytona Beach, Florida, with Campus Crusade for Christ the summer of 1988. Angela had a short stint in college before she moved back to mid-Missouri in 1990. Then in 1991, Angela was introduced to her future husband, Phil Love, by Senator John Loudon and PolitiChicks anchor Dr. Gina Loudon. Phil and Angela were married in June of 1992. Angela moved with her husband, three kids and beloved Golden Retriever dogs to Pueblo, CO, in 2005. In 2007, Phil and Angela started a home-based business, Phang, LLC, specializing in Commercial Underwriting. In 2008, Angela obtained her real estate license. She became an Employing Broker and opened her own real estate business in 2010. She has been a part of over $10MM in commercial real estate deals and was the driving force in convincing International Hospitality Group to allow Holiday Inn hotels to reside in two adjoining, competing Denver, CO, suburbs. In the summer of 2012, Angela and her family moved to Rapid City, SD. Angela expects to graduate with honors with Bachelor Degrees in Business Administration in both Management and Finance in 2013, after which she plans to pursue an MBA. Angela enjoys stimulating intellectual debate over politics and Christianity. Angela enjoyed her work supporting Dr. Gina Loudon, author, radio talk show host, and PolitiChicks anchor, as an Assistant Producer for the Dr. Gina Show. She still continues as an Assistant producer for Dr. Gina's YouTube Channel." Angela is a staunch social and fiscal conservative.

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