The Progressive Teeter-Totter of Time

Obama-ScandalsThe Obama Administration has argued that the false claim that a video sparked the Benghazi events was based on the best information they had at the time. Then the President argued that if only he were given enough time, he would get to the bottom of the incident, find those responsible, and hold them accountable. And so time has passed. At this point, it has now been more than eight months’ worth of time.

It seems this has been long enough to tip the balance from ‘not enough time’ to ‘too much time.’ During Congressional hearings, Hillary Clinton shrieked in her defense, “What difference does it make at this point…”. Presidential spokesperson Jay Carney then dismissed the issue by stating, “Benghazi happened a long time ago.” So, much like the final round of a game of Jeopardy, time is up and the American public should not be expecting any forthcoming answers.

How can the Obama Administration expect to get away with such flippant responses? One reason is because Conservatives and Progressives think of time differently, as they do most everything else. And as a consequence, these dissimilar viewpoints result in different motives, choices, and outcomes between the two opposing philosophies.

Conservatives see time as a continuum. Things begin and end. People are born and die. Nations rise and fall. Past choices have very real consequences at some time in the future, even for those yet to be born. Therefore, Conservatives look back to times past in order to observe what has worked and what is doomed to failure so as not to repeat the same mistakes. Conservatives have an abiding love for our nation’s Founders because we hold the same reverence for time and attempt to pattern our lives and actions on their example. The Founders studied the societies and philosophies, which preceded them in order to establish a more perfect union. The preamble to the Constitution plainly states they took these actions not just for themselves, but also for us as their future posterity. Therefore we are able to look back with honor and respect while at the same time looking forward with the goal of keeping the sacred oath that has been entrusted to us.

Progressives, on the other hand, think of time as a teeter-totter. This doesn’t mean there aren’t twenty-four hours in a Progressive day or twelve months in a Progressive year. However, time is not just a unit of measurement, but rather, it is a tool to be manipulated. Just as the emperor Canute sought to command the seas, Progressives seek to control time and use it to further their cause.

In order to recognize this in action, it is necessary to understand the mechanics of a teeter-totter. The common teeter-totter, or seesaw if you prefer, is a simple machine that consists of a lever and a fulcrum. The lever serves as two opposing seats, which balance on the fulcrum at its center. But because a fully balanced teeter-totter is no more fun than sitting on a park bench, variables must be used to break the equilibrium. At this point one side rises while the other falls. If the balance continues to be successfully manipulated, the up-and-down fun can last indefinitely. Of course, there are dangers that must be avoided. If one side of the teeter totter is too heavy, the contraption will not work. And if one side is suddenly vacated, the other side will crash.

So, how does this relate to the Progressive view of time? Remember, above all, time is a tool to be manipulated in order to achieve a goal. For the Progressive, life is full of fulcrums, or issues on which to launch their agendas. Once the fulcrum has been targeted, the lever will be set in place. The Progressive goal or agenda is placed on one side of the lever. And then they will simply step back and wait. Sooner or later the right opportunity or crisis is going to come along and plop down in that other seat.

Once both seats are occupied, the Progressive must act quickly, for as Rahm Emanuel famously said, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” The Progressive will use the momentum from the crisis to launch their agenda. There is one slight variation, though. A child will squeal with delight and revel in being the momentary center of attention while zooming higher and higher on a teeter-totter. The Progressive, however, must keep the focus on the crisis without drawing undue attention to the agenda side of the lever. If the crisis can be deemed “weighty” enough, the Progressive goal can easily and stealthily be realized.

However, sometimes a serious crisis does go to waste. Despite their best efforts launched by the horrendous Sandy Hook shooting, President Obama and the Progressives in Congress failed to enact the new gun right infringements they desired. Does this mean they will just quit? Absolutely not! The agenda will just continue to sit there – until some other horrendous crisis comes along and plops itself down in the now vacated seat.

So how do Conservatives stop the Progressive Teeter-Totter of Time? The best way is to refuse to let the Progressives play their game. We must spot the issue, or fulcrum, and we must quickly place our own lever, thereby defining the parameters. Benghazi, the AP wiretapping, and the IRS targeting of Tea Party groups are three such fulcrums that must not be abandoned.

One thing we absolutely must not do is participate along with the Progressives. When they place the lever on an issue, be it gun control, immigration, or healthcare, we must refuse to climb on board. The Republican members of Congress must refrain from furthering the Progressive agenda via the “bipartisan” trap.  To take a seat with them will only help them achieve their goals.  Just as a one-sided seesaw never moves, neither will the Progressive agenda if we don’t play their game.

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