The IRS: The Inappropriate Republican Scrutiny

486884_10151671811247640_717912703_nThe latest Presidential press conference was this past Wednesday in the infamous ‘rose garden’.   The first question President Obama was asked as he stood in the drizzling rain next to Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan referred to the most recent scandal, rocking his stay at the White House.  Julianna Goldman from Bloomberg asked our President if he could assure us that no one in the White House knew anything about the IRS leaking private and sensitive tax information to the press.  Shaking his hand at the group of reporters, he quickly responded:  “I certainly did not know anything until the IG report was leaked to the press.”

Unfortunately for our 44th President, he sounded extremely reminiscent of the fibbing and indignant President Bill Clinton when he stood in front of the camera wagging his finger at the American public insisting “I did not have sexual relations with that woman!”  Because for Clinton, semen stains on blue dresses don’t lie and for Obama, his “blue dress” doesn’t bear sex stains but instead reveals the blood of brave dead Americans and the permeating odor of a liar and a cheat.

After his brief and incomplete answer, Obama immediately changed the subject to joke about the rain, saying he “had a change of clothes” but he was not sure about the Prime Minister.  Listening to this live, I was momentarily taken aback at how easily he took the audience and their attention away from such an intense allegation.  It was as if it simply wasn’t important to him.

Immediately after President Obama’s simplistic and self-serving answer, he launched into deflection mode by saying that his “main concern is to fix the problem.”  He continued briefly that Americans should be “outraged across the board, regardless of their political affiliation”.

The President told us that he was going to “fix the problem” by gathering facts, holding the responsible parties accountable for their illegal actions and then he was going to implement “suggestions offered in the Internal General’s report” of misconduct and wrong-doing “in order to prevent problems in the future”.

Within forty-eight hours of this ‘breaking news’, the acting head of the Internal Revenue Service resigned.  Yes, I bet he did.

So once again, it is not looking good for President Obama because the proof is obvious that he is not being truthful.  Allegations of releasing private information on the part of the IRS and Obama’s presidency date back to before the 2008 election and as the information unfolds, there is a direct trail leading straight to the oval office door.  Don’t pass go.  Don’t collect two hundred dollars.

By the way, why didn’t President Obama demand that Senator Harry Reid reveal his source last fall when he was fraudulently broadcasted to the world that Mitt Romney “didn’t pay any taxes for ten years”?  More recently Nevada’s beloved representative wanted to show us how scary smart he is and referred to Freud when noting how Republicans continue to vote down the Affordable Care Act (Obama care) and if they vote it down again for the upcoming 37th time, their behavior is “insane.”

“”If that’s true, the House Republicans have truly lost their minds,” Reid said in a speech on the Senate floor.

Allow me to respond to Harry Reid:  You are wrong as usual.

The constitutionality and functionality of Obamacare is what’s truly insane.

Our government is spending four trillion dollars a year to manage our government.  This is crazy and is exactly what prompted patriotic citizens to rally and form the Tea Party.

Where was President Obama’s outrage in 2007 when traditional marriage support groups, formed in opposition to Proposition 8, had their private applications for non-profit status “mysteriously” leaked to the public?  This caused harassment, intrusion and strong-arming of citizens and their freedom of speech, not to mention the stifling of their political donations.

Where was Obama’s dishonorable tone and sentiments on clairvoyance in 2012 when the Huffington Post printed a story about “stolen IRS 990 tax forms/schedule B”?  These forms have to do with political partisanship and freedom of speech.

I didn’t hear him complain about Conservative Hispanic groups being targeted for audit by the IRS.

Only now…after the news organization, The Propublica, has decided to blow the whistle on the IRS does the President decide to get involved.   Propublica claims that the IRS sent those 67 names of conservative groups applying for nonprofit status.  They didn’t complain at the time though; instead once again, private tax information was gathered to smear, harass and tear down any political opposition to president Barack Hussein Obama.

“Absolutely not,” Steven Miller, the recently resigned acting head of the Internal Revenue Service, responded Friday when asked if he had any contact with the White House about targeting conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status for special treatment.

Steve Miller also said that in the United States we have a “voluntary system of paying our taxes” so they had to be very careful.

Oh really? Seriously?  This is from the man who was in charge of the Internal Revenue Service!   A voluntary taxpayer system?  Since when?  You mean to tell me that I have been filing my taxes every April 15 so that I did not break the law and go to jail, and this is a farce?  It’s not true?  That I can freely chose whether to pay my taxes–or not– and this is cool with the IRS?  Good to know.

While listening to the President at press time, his behavior appeared to be business as usual.  He is, after all, “No Drama Obama”.  But when you look at his face and body language a little closer, you’ll notice that this Chicago politician is far from relaxed–and why should he be.  He may be a socialist, but he is far from stupid.

He has lots of impeachable “blue dress” problems.

It will be very interesting to see how he gets out of the mess he has made for himself.

Funny, I remember him condemning other administrations for being less than forthcoming, while promising all of us how he would be different.  His presidency was going to be “above board”.

Of course, he can always blame President Bush.

And it is good to now know that I don’t really have to pay my taxes—being that it’s “voluntary” and all…

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