The Abortion Blame Game

6a00d8341bf82953ef0167639238a5970b-500wiIn the wake of the Kermit Gosnell conviction, you’d think that the pro-choice movement would reevaluate some of those who perform abortions in their name.  Maybe come out with some sort of statement saying they will not and do not support any doctor that would perform such atrocities and will vow to expose any doctor who practices such barbaric acts to and help bring them to justice.  You’d think they would be a bit more humble after news got out about the evil that was discovered in Dr. Gosnell’s clinic.  Well, you’d be wrong.

The pro-choice groups are circling their wagons and placing blame for Gosnell’s barbarism squarely on the shoulders of…the pro-life movement.  That’s right; you and I are to blame for the Gosnells of the world.  NARAL Pro Choice America claims that it’s the pro-life movement, with their constant harassment and insistence of new laws has forced abortion doctors to lie to their patients and forced women to turn to back alley abortionists. The problem with that premise, is groups like NARAL have fought legislators to prevent the doctors from telling their patients the truth with regards to their pregnancy.  There are countless cases where the pro-choice movement has pushed to ban the doctors from performing ultrasounds and showing said ultrasounds to the mothers prior to an abortion.

And Gosnell wasn’t a back alley abortionist.  He has had a well-established abortion clinic in Philadelphia since 1972 and was associated with clinics in Delaware and Louisiana.  During the same year he opened his clinic, Gosnell was a finalist for the Junior Chamber of Commerce “Young Philadelphian of the Year” for his work directing a drug rehab clinic called the Mantua Halfway House.  Gosnell even performed 15 televised abortions using an experimental Super Coil procedure that was revolutionized by a fake abortion doctor Harvey Karman.  Gosnell is a real sick and depraved individual, but he is not a back alley abortionist working under the radar of the local community.

Next we have Fox News contributor Sally Kohn who claims the solution to prevent more Gosnells is to keep abortion affordable and legal. I hate to break it to Ms. Kohn, but abortion is now legal in Pennsylvania and it was Gosnell himself that chose to target… er, I mean help low-income women and immigrants.  Gosnell told a Philadelphia Enquirer reporter in October of 1972, “As a physician, I am very concerned about the sanctity of life. But it is for this precise reason that I provide abortions for women who want and need them.”  He was known to perform abortions at a discounted rate because his clientele were low income.  While it is true that he charged considerably more for late term abortions, to say that the reason why Gosnell was able to get away with what he did because abortions are not legal or affordable is way off the mark.

The most asinine comments came from Senator Harry Reid. When asked about whether he would support Sen. Lee’s bill restricting abortions beyond 20 weeks in DC, Sen. Reid went on a strange rant blaming what happened in the Gosnell case on pro-life protesters throwing chemicals at clinics and that prevented the clinics from being clean.  Yeah, that was the problem.  Gosnell was forced to murder babies and women because pro-life protesters were untidy.  From the description of the unsanitary conditions of that clinic given in the grand jury report, a chemical bath would only be an improvement.

I have to say that the action from a pro-choice group that takes the cake are the ones from Planned Parenthood.  They had very little to say about the Gosnell trial and verdict, except one little tweet and a very wimpy statement on their website.  But what stood out for me is Planned Parenthood’s new motto, “Care. No matter what.”  Care for whom?  Dr. Gosnell went 17 years without an inspection on his clinic and it was because of pro-choice groups that it was allowed to happen.  Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge halted inspections of abortion clinics and that practice was continued by Gov. Ed Rendell.  But when Gov. Tom Corbett conducts a full review of the atrocities in Gosnell’s office and the legislators propose and pass a bill requiring inspections of abortion clinics, it’s the pro-choice groups that are fighting mad.  Apparently the pro-choice groups find it appalling that one would require an abortion clinic to meet basic standards of any other clinic in the state of Pennsylvania.

So, I guess Planned Parenthood really doesn’t worry about care for the mother.  Maybe they worry about care of the baby?  Oh, how silly of me.  How could they possibly care about the unborn child?  To Planned Parenthood, they’re just fetuses or clumps of cells.  They’re not really babies capable of their own thoughts and feelings…oh, wait.  Planned Parenthood has a new online web campaign that says, “Your Baby Will Thank You.”?  Yeah, let us take a moment to ponder that one.  Nope, I got nothing.  That one is way over the top when you look at everything that’s happened in the Gosnell case.

Here is the true tragedy.  Gosnell wasn’t an isolated incident.  There are countless examples documented by the Susan B. Anthony List that shows far too many cases of butchers posing as providers of safe abortions.  These doctors go unchecked, their victims go ignored, and the pro-choice groups go one to continue to lie to women by feeding us the notion that they’re there to help those who are in need.  These groups are perpetrating barbarism and exploitation.  I think it’s time the pro-choice groups to start cleaning their own house and ridding it of those that are allowed to get away with these crimes.  There is no excuse for an activist group who claims to push for women’s health to turn a blind eye to such horrors.  The pro-choice groups have no one to blame for themselves.

Deborah S. Ayer

Texas PolitiChick Deborah S. Ayer is a veteran of the US Army and a former firefighter/ Emergency Medical Technician. She resigned to take on her greatest challenge: homemaker for her husband and two children. Deborah grew up as the lone conservative in a liberal family. She says she was a conservative long before she knew what being a conservative meant.

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