“Nanny Pelosi” Unleashed!

Pelosi unleashedWomen of America, Nancy is working tirelessly for you to become unleashed, untethered, unbothered, and free to be all that you can be by releasing you from…your children. Yes, according to “Nanny” Pelosi, the government can and should take care of your children so that you can achieve your potential as a workingwoman unfettered by those pesky little creatures you gave birth to. This is just more of the  “cradle to grave” nonsense that defines every remark that she makes.

April 15, 2013- “What we have to do and not necessarily as, shall we say, as transformative as Social Security and Medicare and the Affordable Care Act for everybody– but I think very important to our country is to have affordable quality childcare for all of America’s children. If we are going to unleash all that women have to offer we have to really get to this point.” –City Club of Cleveland

March 12, 2013-  “ We need to have women in elected positions to make their voices heard and to get policy improved, but it’s important because of what it means in the lives of America’s families, and I think the big challenge that we have is achieving public policy for quality, affordable childcare. I see it historically. The suffragettes fought for the right to vote over ninety years ago. And then World War II, women in the workplace, out of the home and into the workplace. Then the higher education of women in the next couple of decades after that. Then women in the professions. But the missing piece all along has been affordable quality childcare. And it’s not just the responsibility of the mom, but largely it has been, and if we’re going to unleash the intellect, the determination and courage of women, the clarity of thinking of women, onto the world, we need affordable quality childcare.”- Salon

July 11, 2012-“So, if we’re going to unleash the power of women, and if we want to have growth in our economy, that’s what we have to do. The empowerment of women is the answer to many challenges we have – economic growth, unleash the power of women. National security, unleash the power of women in the military in a fuller way. The education of our children, the active growth of corporate America, the health care, you name it. Unleashing the intellectual and imagination of women in all of this is really important for our country to continue to be number one…” “We know, again, we have to solve this child care challenge. We really do. Why don’t we have that?”  Pelosi Remarks at National Partnership for Women and Families’ National Summit

Millions of mothers would disagree with her characterization that women want and need to be “unleashed” from their children to stimulate their own “intellect and imagination” and to “reach their potential”.  Real women struggle with wanting to be with their children while having to work to make ends meet (thanks, Obama).  Just how out of touch with reality is Pelosi? She’s not. This drivel about caring so much for children and working mothers is nothing more than “Nanny” Pelosi advancing her socialist agenda to get her claws into our youngest innocents to indoctrinate and educate them with government- sanctioned propaganda.


How ironic. Government-paid childcare would lead to more jobs for mothers who want to work.  Or in other words, mothers would be paid to babysit other working mothers’ children.

Good grief.  Can someone please put the leash back on Pelosi?


Lydia Susanne has conducted exclusive interviews with Israeli author Lela Gilbert, activist and lead singer of KANSAS John Elefonte, Todd Daniels of International Christian Concern, and Bob Fu of China Aid, among other notable subjects for PolitiChicks.com.

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