It Is Not Your Body

prolife3Let us refresh our memories back to the basic Biology class that all Americans took in grade school, shall we?

It is comforting to know that some things never change.

The first basic fact of the birds and the bees is that the conception of a child requires a female egg to be fertilized by a male sperm.  No two ways about it.  So far, it still takes a man and woman to have a baby.  Because of technology and the applicable knowledge of Science there are now several ways in which to conceive, but this is not the topic of my piece.  Fact one remains throughout time, untouched.

This simple beginning sparks the awesome and creation of, a baby.  A baby that grows with time deep inside of the woman’s womb, protected from all but nature’s own design.  Regardless of what each political camp a woman is in, be it pro-life or pro-abortion, it doesn’t matter in the least when observing the phenomenal events that cascade with each passing moment from the very instant of conception.

Once the baby is conceived it develops as a total and complete individual, a human being.  Life is sustained outside of the womb at varying weeks of gestation then continues to grow and develop throughout their natural life until growing old and a natural death.  Regardless of the personal and individual differences of when we each experience birth and death, in between we are all people.

Along with our two ears and double eyes we each wear a belly button as the scar of being cut apart from the umbilical cord that sustained our life, inside of our mother.  I was not one with my mother before she gave birth; I was living inside of my mother.  If you are reading my words the same is exactly true for you.

Here is a quote from Elizabeth Blackwell, the first American woman to be granted a medical degree.  Although somewhat lengthy, her intense and accurate description of the conception of life is worth the read.

 “Look at the first faint gleam of life, the life of the embryo, the commencement of human existence. We see a tiny cell, so small it may be easily overlooked; the anatomist may examine it with scalpel or microscope, and what does he discover? Nothing but a delicate, transparent membrane, containing one drop of clear water; the chemist may analyze it with the most scrupulous care, and find nothing but the trace of some simple salts. And yet there is in that same germ cell something wonderful – life – it is a living cell; it contains a power progressive growth, according to laws, according, towards a definite type, that we can only regard with reverent admiration. Leave it in its natural home, tended by the rich life of the healthy maternal organism, and it will grow steadily into the human type; in no other by any possibility. Little by little the faint specks will appear in the enlarging cell, which marked the head, the trunk, the budding extremities; tiny channels will groove themselves in every direction, red particles of inconceivable minuteness will appear in them – they move, they tend towards one central spot, were little channel has enlarged, has assumed a special form, has already begun to palpitate; finally the living blood in the small arteries joins that in the heart, and the circulation is established. From every delicate incomplete part, minute nerve threads shoot forth, they tend invariably towards their centres. They join the brain, spinal marrow, the ganglia. The nervous system is formed. The cell rapidly enlarges, it attaches to the maternal organism become more powerful… The human type is surely attained, and after a brief period of consolidation the young existence, created from that simple cell, will awake to further development of independent life.”

Dr. Blackwell’s eloquent and accurate words cannot be intellectually separated from the fact that life begins at conception, regardless of anything else that follows in the course of our one life, here on earth.

If you believe in abortion, grow up and own it.   This has absolutely nothing to do with any ridiculously preconceived ideas about reproductive rights.  For any women that have been listening to Liberals warn about the GOP invading their female system, no worries. Your ovaries and uterus and fallopian tubes are all yours.  I promise you.

What the pro-Life movement is concerned with is protecting the life of a conceived child after a woman has exercised her reproductive “rights”.

Oh and by the way, another little scientific fact; just because you can’t hear the innocent soul wail as it is being violently ripped from life inside of the womb, doesn’t mean he or she isn’t screaming

It is not your body

It is the baby’s body.

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