In the Midst of the Storm… the Oklahoma Standard

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Yes, Oklahomans are experienced in tragedy. We treat earthquakes like a hiccup. We respond to ice storms by staying cozy by a wood fireplace. We go outside and watch a tornado coming until it gets to our block…unless it’s dangerous or if we have children. The preparation for devastation comes from the deepest part of our guts, though. It’s a heart and soul issue. It’s the goodness; the love-your-neighbor way of life that Oklahomans have in abundance.

Once again, I hope the world is watching for miracles.  I hope the world picks up on what “surely goodness and mercy” looks like in action.  There won’t be massive looting from Oklahomans, although we will almost surely draw crooks and crazies from outside our state. There won’t be any price gouging.  There won’t even be any cutting in lines.  But there will be giving–and giving, and giving, and giving.   There will be helping. True character always shows through in a disaster.   And goodness gracious, we also won’t be distracted by anyone trying to make a “global warming” statement.  We just thank God we’re not that stupid (or what Progressives call “educated”).

As I type, I am watching the city and state officials asking people not to come back to work right now–there is more than enough help.  The Moore School Superintendent, born and raised in Moore, is thanking the responders, teachers and everyone, unsuccessfully fighting back tears.  Graduation is still on, though, the student’s accomplishments absolutely need to be recognized.  The neighboring school districts are sharing their websites to keep students and parents updated.  State Representative Mark McBride just gave out his cell phone number for anyone needing his help, and the Baptists are there to organize disaster assistance.

My husband is coming back home because they don’t need any more medical help, or any more rescue help… any more anything.  So he will come home and rest up to take over when others get tired.  My daughter is watching children for some folks who needed to go help their mom and sister, and my other daughter is making donations from work.  My friend, Lynn, went to Sam’s this morning to get supplies and the place was packed with Oklahomans purchasing supplies.   I am waiting to go help serve some rescue workers dinner… or maybe lunch tomorrow.   I expect to run into a ton of my friends.   Until then, I am praying and pacing a little, anxious to be there.

There are students all over schools in the state praying.  No rules or regulations of man will stop that…not here, not in Oklahoma.  We are not confused about the first Commandment, whether it’s posted on the wall or not.   We will always call upon the Lord!  Another friend has set up a prayer tent for the rescue workers to come and be refreshed.   Worship leaders from across the State are gathering to minister there.  How beautiful is that?

Texas Task Force truck just pulled up… Thank you, Lord, for great neighbors!   The reporters are amazing.  They too have been fighting back tears… and the rain is beginning to fall again.   And my husband didn’t come home.  I guess he found someone to help.

Keep watching Oklahoma!  Expect miracles.  Thank you and may God bless you for your prayers and your outpouring of love.  Our hash tag is #prayfor Oklahoma.  We will be good stewards of all we receive!


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Julia Seay

Julia Seay was instrumental in eliminating Common Core from the state of Oklahoma via Restore Oklahoma Public Education. She is a Christian wife and mother who worked in courtrooms and conference rooms, until motherhood gave me a love for home-based business. Julia became involved in her local public school system and was formerly on the board of Restore Oklahoma Public Education, dedicated to affect education legislation. Julia is currently on the board of Gateway Women's Resource Center, a non-profit ministryW. Both of Julia's organizations can be found on Facebook. Follow Julia on Twitter: @juliaseay

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