IGNORANCE NOW! The Survival Cry of the Democrat Party

ignorance-is-blissThere are only two reasons a person could be a proud member of the Democrat Party in this current day and age. A Democrat constituent must either be (a) ignorant or (b) evil. There is no other logical option.

It is impossible to be a wise informed Democrat because that would be a contradiction of realities. One can be wise and informed, or one can be a Democrat. And it is very seldom that the twain shall meet. On the rare occasions when the two realities successfully collide a “former Democrat” is the result.

The vast majority of Democrats fall into the “Ignorant” category. Just take a look at your local Democrat party’s Facebook site, read their comments, consider their arguments, and evaluate their goals. The comments will be illogical, the arguments will be irrational, and the goals will be unattainable. The ignorance will vary in degrees from simply uneducated to full blown stupidity. Given enough time and life experiences, the simply uneducated may become “former Democrats.” But as comedian Ron White has famously noted, “You can’t fix stupid.”

Ignorant Democrats espouse the party’s principles without considering the consequences. It is the intentions they praise. The inevitable failed outcomes are an inconvenience to be ignored or excused. Examine any Democrat proposal. It will begin with a supposedly noble intention. The ignorant Democrat will defend the proposal with arguments that begin along the lines of, “Everyone should…” or “No one should…” then fill in the blank. Everyone should have healthcare. No one should own a gun. Everyone should be able to marry whoever they want. No human being is illegal.

The ignorant proposal to forward the noble intention will then be neatly wrapped up in a catchy slogan that comes in both a positive and a negative variety. For example, anyone who dares to beg to differ with the noble but ignorant proposal “Everyone should have healthcare” is waging a “War on Women.” “No one should own a gun” moves forward as “Common sense gun control.” “Everyone should be able to marry whoever they want” somehow turns into a civil rights issue for “Marriage Equality.” “No human being is illegal” becomes “Comprehensive Immigration Reform.”

Inspired by such catchy slogans, the ignorant Democrats will then push for the implementation of disastrous policy. In this push for implementation, the end justifies any means, and emotion trumps all logical arguments. This is what is so infuriating when dealing with the Democrat agenda. Democrats are like rats in a maze, except the maze does not lead to the cheese. Instead the maze just goes in a circle. But somehow the Democrat rat thinks if he only runs a little faster (and spends a lot more taxpayer money) he will reach the goal.

Three recent conversations I have had with Democrats on three key issues illustrate this ignorance. In a conversation regarding the national debt, a Democrat neighbor argued, “The rich are going to just have to accept they are going to have to pay a little more.” When I countered that the national debt has grown to the point that even if the government took 100% of the assets of the so-called rich, it wouldn’t make a dent, the so-called rich would then be left penniless and the debt along with the interest would just continue to grow. The only logical option is to cut government spending. The Democrat reply was, “Well at least we could pay a little.” Much like using one credit card to pay another – at least you are paying a little.

The second conversation was with a Democrat family member over the solvency of the Social Security program and the need for a fix such as Paul Ryan’s proposal of other retirement fund options. The family member argued that some people just aren’t good with money so the government has to be left in charge of citizens’ retirement accounts. When I pointed out the ineptness and blatant robbery of the government system, her only response was, “Well, if it had worked the way it was intended to, everything would be fine now.” And if the world had worked the way God intended it to, we’d all be living in the Garden of Eden now.

The third conversation was with a Democrat co-worker about the Benghazi hearings. He stated that he had “started out following the issue – but then it just became too political.” Translation: if he continues to follow the testimony he will find it impossible to keep defending the Administration and be forced to make a moral choice.

To espouse progressive principles that have proven to bring nothing but failure and disaster time and time again is to deny reality. To claim success is obviously dishonest. It is easy to see where Democratic politicians and policies have reigned unhindered by Conservative interference, just look at the waste and destitution of any number of American cities such as Chicago, Detroit, or DC. It is not as easy to find a purely Conservative dominated area because the Progressives will always seep into the area and immediately set about to destroy the success by attempting to implement the same failed policies. Therefore, the biggest problem with ignorant Democrats is that they vote for evil Democrats who knowingly implement policies to “fundamentally transform” our nation.

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