Godless Nation


When all else fails, blame the Christians.  There is such a push against Christians via the media, entertainment, and even the current Presidential administration.  It has really got me to thinking…  Maybe they have a point.  Let’s take a look at just how bad all of us closed-minded hateful Christians are.

First we rely on a book that is over 2000 years old.  I mean, hello…? Talk about old-school.  For crying out loud the book says it’s an “abomination for a man to lay with another man” and it apparently means the same thing for women.  Whatever–it’s just sex, right?  I don’t believe God knew what he was doing when he made it so men and women “together” would be the only way to procreate.  So who are we to stop anyone from redefining marriage?  It’s only right that a man has a husband and a woman has a wife if that’s what they want… It is 2013, we need to roll with the changes.

Have we ever really stopped to consider the poor Muslim community and how they are so hurt by all of us evil and hateful Christians?  If they feel obligated as a freedom of speech that they should blow up a few innocent people, we should just understand.  We need to practice what we preach– like “turn the other cheek” and all, right? They are just acting out against all our evil Christian repression and oppression that causes them to have so much depression.  If you ask me they should be able to wear a Burka head to toe all day every day, anywhere at all times.  It is after all their freedom of speech.  Who are we to stop them from expressing themselves?  Why should it matter if it is against the law due to the inability to properly identify someone in the event of a crime? Maybe we should just forget the whole Judeo-Christian rule of law and enact Sharia law here in the US.  We could probably use a few stonings now and again.  That would solve some problems.  But since Islam doesn’t tolerate gay people, we would have to get them in line first.

Come to think of it, I don’t see what the hoopla is all about with the FCC wanting nudity and swearing to be allowed on regular cable.  It’s not like you can’t see nudity in your daily life, right?  So why the fuss?  I say let them all be nude and curse like a trucker.  It’s freedom of speech!  So as a symbol of expressionism as art, the media and entertainment we watch should not have any restrictions what so ever.  But it’s us stinkin’ Christians who keep this turtleneck collar approach to everything.  Why all this fuss over keeping things “sacred”–we have to keep up with the times, right?

That brings me to the media and Hollywood.  I think it’s amazing how many celebrities are finally able to turn a corner on their drug habits and alcoholism, even if it is an ongoing thing like Lindsey Lohan who has to be forced to go by a court order.  We need to rally around them and support them.  It’s best that we continue giving them contracts, raises, and more roles because without them, who knows where our world would be.  We need to keep promoting and supporting these really ungodly influences in our society.  But us Christians keep making it harder and harder, too.  If we would just get out of the way there would be no problems in Hollywood at all.  It’d be great because then the world would be full of free love and peace.  Kumbaya for everyone… finally.

I have to say all this talk about what a negative impact us Christians are on society I am sure glad that we are now considered a threat to homeland security by the Department of Defense.  I hope I am never asked about if I am going to Hell or not again.  That is just so scary to even think about.  Imagine that?  It’s good that Obama has finally begun a crackdown on us the Christian Cancer once and for all.  He stopped that whole “national day of prayer” thing.  Like that mattered or did any good.  Now there is good news that he finally pushed it through that it will be against the law in the military to talk about Christianity.  He could’ve done it before the whole gays in the military thing, but better late than never.

Maybe Sandra Fluk might just have had a point.  I don’t think many of us Christian’s understand just how important it is for a woman to be able to – kill her baby.  It’s her body and she can do what she wants with it.  Sandra is right to demand free birth control.  Just because the bible says God knew us before we were born doesn’t mean that a mom wants to know her kid.  Sometimes all they wanted was a good time and things took a wrong turn.  So, it doesn’t make sense that she’d want to keep it.  That’s why Christian churches and groups should be responsible for paying for abortions and contraception.  Like I said, us Christians are the ones who just won’t let anyone be free to express themselves, we are the ones destroying our society left and right, aren’t we?

Boy, I am sure glad to get that off my chest.  Now, if we can just get God out of schools…. oh wait, He already is.  Good thing because could you imagine how bad schools really would be if He weren’t?  Just look at Sandy Hook.  All of us Christians who cling to our guns and bibles are what is destroying us from within.  If God were in schools more people would be dead from school shootings for sure.  Prayer just makes people mad and think they are sinners.  So it would only make them angrier and lash out.  So I’m glad they are finally going to crack down on the second amendment once and for all.

Well, I hope you join me, and Obama in celebrating the coming of Godlessness of our country.  I mean America wasn’t founded on the premise of Freedom “of” Religion or anything.  It was freedom “from” Religion… right?  Thank goodness we finally have a President like Obama who is making that happen once and for all.

Ava Aston

For information about Ava Aston visit www.avaaston.com, or email: [email protected] or you can download all of her music at iTunes.

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