Evil or Stupid? Obama Admin Arming Bad Guys of the World

Syrian AQ opsUsing the policies of Fast & Furious, Mexican drug cartels were provided weapons. While claiming the arms were provided for “tracking purposes“, most weapons recovered had no tracking devices attached. And those that did had an obvious problem – batteries that eventually die. I am a working mom who can’t leave the house without a couple of chargers for my various devices. It’s inexcusable that people who are charged with our safety, and make a lot more money than me, didn’t realize that batteries have limited power.

The Muslim Brotherhood claims to be “new and improved” and the administration believes their claim with no proof. All the actions of the Muslim Brotherhood are to the contrary, yet the administration takes them at their word.

From Russia, we hear that the “rebels” the administration is supplying weapons to are, in fact, al-Qaida operatives.

The Fort Hood jihadist (or rather “angry worker”), Nidal Malik Hasan, consistently and openly spoke out against the U.S. yet he was not reported and his comments were shrugged off.

This behavior of giving more credence and support to our enemies than to our allies is consistent with this administration. Why? It’s got to be one of two things.

1) This administration does not believe the US is a force for good and is happy to empower, embolden and arm those who are our enemies. Any reduction of influence and power of the US is welcome and to be supported.


2) The administration of Barack Obama has the emotional maturity of toddlers.

When my daughter was very small, she claimed a classmate, who had hassled her quite a bit, was now her “best friend”. When I asked my daughter about the girl, my daughter said, “She told me if I gave her my cookie, she’d be my best friend”. I immediately read, “If I Give a Mouse a Cookie” to my daughter and boy do I wish I had the opportunity to read it to Barack Obama now. And explain its theme, v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y: appeasement only leads to more demands and more evil. And ultimately it is innocents who will suffer.

I find retarded emotional maturity to be consistent with the liberals in my life. They believe that if we’re nice to our enemies, they will like us more. They feel bad that not everyone has health coverage, so the quality of health coverage for all has to be worsened for “the greater good”. Liberals feel bad that some people make more money than others; therefore, taking money from one person and giving it to another is considered moral.

Either this administration panders to and empowers our enemies because they are actually on the side of our enemies OR because they think appeasing our enemies is effective foreign policy.

Both attitudes are dangerous.

Barack Obama and his administration do not meet the minimum requirements of the jobs they were hired to do:  to be defenders and supporters of the United States of America.

Anne Yenny

California PolitiChick Anne Yenny is the mother of four ranging in age from 24-18; three sons (oldest a 2nd LT in the Marine Corps) and a daughter. Both of her parents are from Scotland; she lived there for two years in the late 70s and has been back many times. She has first-hand experience with national healthcare and considers Americans for Obamacare at best dangerously naive. Anne voted for Carter in 1976 and says she has been "doing penance" ever since. When family members lament her conservative voting habits she simply replies, "it's amazing what 96 hours of labor teach you". Her husband of 26 years deserves the credit for the conversion from liberal to conservative--and best of all, he's never thrown the Carter vote up in her face.

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