Daily Show Founder’s (Not So) “Funny Comment” About the Oklahoma Tornado

20130520_oklahoma-tornado3_53Liberals say and do a lot of stupid things sometimes.  It’s as if they’re genetically designed to be disrespectful, hateful and ignorant.  Perhaps in order to balance out universe, God had to add the “dummy liberal gene” to the mix of intelligent, respectful conservatives.  Unfortunately it seems some liberals have more of the “dummy gene” than others, and those are the ones who either end up in politics or create TV programs, like The Daily Show.

I bring up The Daily Show because its founder, Lizz Winstead, said one of the stupidest things I’ve heard in a long, long time.  (And considering she’s in the same league as Joe Biden, that says a lot…)

When it became clear that a massive tornado was going to hit inside Oklahoma, the wannabe comedienne said, “This tornado is in Oklahoma, so clearly it has been ordered to only target conservatives.”

Of course, as the tornado devastated Moore, OK and the reports of dead and wounded children began to surface she back-tracked, apologized, said she was sorry, admitted she made a mistake… blah blah blah. Typical liberal caught saying or doing something stupid and expecting to be forgiven because they “didn’t mean it”.

Well I’m sorry, but I don’t think she should get off the hook that easily. I think she should have to visit the families of every child lost and apologize to them in person for her stupid joke; then, and only then, would she really understand what it means to be sorry.

And while I am raking Ms. Windstead across the coals, she’s really just another in a long line of thoughtless liberals who can’t see beyond themselves or fathom what it means to care about the greater good. The liberal agenda is selfish, impatient and demanding and if you dare cross that agenda, you are mocked, shamed and harassed. Her insensitive joke was an attempt to poke fun at the very real scandal around the IRS targeting conservative groups. She compared a natural disaster that took innocent lives to the (very real) scandal in which a government agency bullied people because of their political ideals…

Saddest of all, liberals everywhere laughed–until they saw the footage of children being dragged from the rubble…

After all is said and done, do you think liberals will learn anything from this? Of course not–that pesky “dummy-liberal-gene” gets in the way, every time.

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