American Mom VS Jihadist Mom

patriotic_alpha_mom_avatarIt is being discovered that Boston Jihadi Mom collected over $100,000.00 in benefit money from the state of Massachusetts. I am wondering why America feels the need to give rewards to bloodsucking leeches—or more appropriately, Jihadist terrorists–versus the rewards of being a hardworking honest taxpayer. I am baffled.

What follows are some distinct differences between “American Mom” (based on my own life) and “Jihadist Mom”.

American Mom:

American Mom evotes her own time, money, and energy into raising a good respectful, high- functioning young man with his own thought processes.  Her son graduates high school with 4.5 GPA in Honors classes. Her son is given nothing.

American Mom pays over $20,000.00 in taxes each year for 21 years.

American Mom is “Team Mom”, too. She helps with all the productive sports her son is in, donating time, money, food, and energy.  American Mom teaches her son to give and assist–to be biblically a blessing.

Altogether, American Mom has paid $80,000.00 in tuition to educate her child and despite the fact that he was an honor student he is not ethnically able to receive free education.

American Mom’s belief in Jesus and Christianity—and the fact that she is pro-life–places her on the “terror watch list”.  She wears her cross, pays her way and is never given one red cent.

American Mom volunteers at her local sheriff’s department.

American Mom has not had a vacation since 2005.

American Mom is looking forward to her son’s college graduation, and she managed to do it without the government’s money or handouts

American Mom is exhausted from the rhetoric that puts hard working, generous citizens in harm’s way.

American Mom’s cousin was on the USS Cole when the Jihadist attacked the ship.  She is tired of being told she is the reason for Jihadists blowing up American citizens…

Boston Terrorist momJihadist Mom:

Grabs every penny she can from the American welfare system.

Jihadist Mom “raises” both her sons in complete absentia—perhaps because she is too busy ripping off Lord and Taylor.

Jihadist Mom is driving a better car than American Mom.

Jihadist Mom’s sons college tuition is likely footed by the state of Massachusetts and if folks dig deeper, Jihadist Mom probably also gets heat and electricity subsidies.

Jihadist Mom teaches her sons to hate and take, and teaches them nothing about being productive, self-supporting members of American society.

Jihadist Mom is allegedly an actual terror watch list, yet our government agencies look the other way—or rather look at “potential right wing terrorists” like American Mom.

Jihadist Mom literally yells “Allah Akbar” and the media finds this perfectly fine.

Jihadist Mom is angry at America for “stealing her sons”, and for “framing the bombing” on them.

Jihadist Mom has the funds to travel internationally, as do her sons.

(American Mom wagers that the pressure cooker was bought with an EBT card…)

If American Mom had seen anything suspicious regarding this Jihadist Family and had reported her suspicions to government agencies, would anyone have listened to her? Would she have been told she was “prejudiced” or “intolerant”?  Would it have made a difference?

Note to the U.S. Government:  We Americans are not the problem. Your ludicrous policies and byzantine agencies have dropped the ball.  You cannot keep an eye on all the actual terrorists if you are too busy watching American Mom because of her religion and personal beliefs.  Jihadist Mom never should have been allowed here; her two Jihadist sons would not have been here to terrorize our citizens on our own shores if you had listened to Russian Intelligence agencies.

Lisa Marie Allen

Lisa Marie Allen is a Registered Nurse, a computer graphics specialist, a wife, mother and a dog rescuer. Lisa has lived all across the U.S.A.

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