The Verbiage Surrounding “Marriage”

wtLast week I saw a new icon taking its place around social websites.  To me it appeared as a little red picture frame looking into an empty pink room, but I was corrected and informed it is a pink “equal” sign and is representing the homosexual and lesbian community, in their plight to change the meaning of marriage.  My first thought was, ‘What happened to the rainbow?’

My second thought was that “marriage” is a contractual agreement between the opposite sexes, not a basic human right.

Then my third thought was, when and why did sexuality become such a public topic?  I am sure it was a gradual change like most things, but I sure as heck wish it would gradually go away. Everywhere I look there are symbols of sexual preference.   I really don’t care.  Thank goodness it is 2013 where the social climate in America is such that lesbians, homosexuals and heterosexuals are free to associate in public and create whatever private bonds they wish, in the seclusion of their own homes.  But sexuality is private just by the mere definition of the word.  I know, silly of me to bring up a definition, leading me to the next post I see on my social wall advertising two gold rings emblazoned beneath with the definition of marriage:

“The state of being united to a person of the opposite sex as husband or wife in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law.”

As a budding novelist/journalist words are of extreme importance to me.

It will be literally impossible to carry on a logical conversation with anyone at any time, if we are convoluting our language and distorting words and their meaning.

I am so grateful to be a conservative and have more sense than to announce my heterosexuality on my tee-shirt or golf hat.

Class goes a long way.






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