The Liberal Ram Rod

liberals are wrongOur government was once the binding strength behind the verbiage written into The United States Constitution.  However, well under way into the first summer of President Barack Obama’s second term in office, Conservatives, Republicans, Tea Partiers, Independents and disgruntled Democrats feel like they are being suffocated by the political air that is surrounding us all.

The liberal agenda has always been in favor of big government, subsidies, costly departments with no common sense and high taxes.  Even a two term President like Bill Clinton brought disgrace to the White House and his family with his extracurricular activities–but at least he had sense enough not to veto smartly planned Republican legislation. Unfortunately for us, this President is much more leftist than your run of the mill Democrat with his heavy Marxist leanings.

President Obama’s true feelings were mistakenly overheard on the infamous “open microphone incident” at the Nuclear Security Summit last March in Seoul, South Korea.  Obama was speaking directly to Dmitry Medvedev, Russia’s outgoing President about missile defense, and their candid and frightening conversation was recorded without either politician being aware of their announcement to the world.

This President and his political allies have a socialistic approach to the solution for each and every issue facing our Nation. Our International Security is beyond compromised, our communication is being botched and convoluted, our financial institutions are folding, our school system is more interested in making sure the children of this country are politically correct, cognizant of homosexuality, and how to put on a condom than educating them.  Not to mention, that little thing called the deficit is still climbing, while we sell our soul to China.

From President Obama’s first day in office we had a national deficit of over $10 trillion dollars and according to the latest posting from the Treasury we are at over $15 trillion.  The National Debt also now exceeds 100% of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product, the total value of goods and services.

You would think under these circumstances we would have some sort of reasonable budget, but no.  For this President a deficit signals ‘let’s print more worthless money.’   At best our future is soiled, dangerous and uncertain.

The media prints governmental propaganda and reminds me of my studies of Saddam Hussein’s reign. Our President now represents a position of continual campaign mode rather than respectable leadership.  They made fun of President Bush for going to bed early, but he had to work the next morning. This President is a regular on the late night talk shows.  He attended two fundraisers just last night in California for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  Why he is campaigning for anything? He won the election.  He got the job.  Now, he should be working.

This White House was to be the supreme unifier, crossing the rotunda isle with non- partisan solutions to solve all American problems, especially racism.   But no, our country has never been more divided than it is now and he brought racial tension to an all-time high. Good job.

Our Statist President and his big government cronies have a systematic plan to seek and destroy the American way of life, by taking away our freedom and choice one piece at a time.  And this is exactly what they are doing by way of scare tactics and fear that is being propagated by the liberal and biased media. One by one, they choose a target then go in for the kill.   With their political play on words they disrespectfully mock the land beneath our feet.

Nothing by Democratic standards means what it is supposed to.  They are determined to tear down and break apart our very foundation and rebuild it to the America of their vision.

The contractual agreement of marriage is being bastardized, but if you disagree you do accused of either not liking homosexuals or you are afraid of them; obviously neither is the case.

Voter fraud is a joke.  We know it is taking place making our elections fraudulent, but if you speak up you are labeled paranoid.  The liberals want to spy on us and our business with a smart meter in our homes and a school meter to track our children, but then take offense at the suggestion of requiring a photo to vote?

Our natural commodities of oil, gas, and coal are portrayed as evil enemies. Food stamps and subsidies equal unearned money.  Environmentalism used to mean a stewardship of protection.  Not now, it represents a manmade hoax about how we, Republicans are destined to destroy the planet.

Bleeding hearts are losing sleep over what kind of cars we drive, the brand of soap we wash our clothes with, the size of our sodas, and our desire to protect the second amendment.   Why aren’t they foaming at the mouth over animal testing, infanticide, and abortion?

To quote Will Rodgers, “It isn’t what we don’t know that gives us trouble; it’s what we know that ain’t so.”

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