Obama Administration Using Children To Push Agenda

Children as PropsRecently I saw a quote from the president.  He said, “Let’s make it a little harder for our kids to be gunned down.”

Seriously, Mr. President? Can you any more blatantly and obnoxiously campaign against the Second Amendment? And at least be fair, it’s always going to be “a little harder” for your children to be gunned down, so stop using our kids to make your arguments. If you really cared about my kids’ safety, you’d stop this attack on my right to bear arms.

When it comes to kiddos in the world of politics, we expect politicians to kiss babies, pose for photos and talk about “doing it for the children” when they’re campaigning.  However Obama has made an obnoxious platform out of exploiting children and inciting even more fear about violence against them for his own agenda–an agenda that quite frankly does not make sense for America. Well, at least not the America I grew up with, that treasured freedom, liberty and justice and respected our traditions and history. An America where we said the pledge without giving it a second thought, and our heroes were soldiers (and maybe Scooby Doo and Strawberry Shortcake).

I am the first to admit Sandy Hook literally broke my heart. I still mourn for those little children who lost their lives and the teachers who died trying to protect them. That being said, I abhor the political stunts in using their stories to push legislation that would in no way have stopped Adam Lanza. Would I do what I could to protect others from this type of tragedy? Absolutely. But “gun control” and this liberal agenda is not the answer.

I honestly wish it were that simple. If for whatever reason a genie showed up and grant a wish that would guarantee that turning in all guns would stop murder, grief, fear, terrorism and other horrible things liberals link to guns, I’d be all for it. Reality, however, is cruel, and it’s not that simple. Bad people do bad things, and no amount of legislation is going to stop that. (Although I suppose Democrats could outlaw “bad people”…)

Gun control will only hurt people who already obey the law, and criminals don’t seem to pay much attention to the law, now do they? Lanza is a perfect example of gun control being a massive fail – he tried to get his own weapon, and was denied, so gun control worked in its limited and legal capacity. But did gun control keep him from going home, killing his mom and taking her guns? No. Bad guys who want guns to do bad things are going to get their weapons, no matter how much feel-good legislation this administration tries to push through. And let’s be honest, that’s what this is all about-– fluffy, happy, unicorn-dusted legislation that will make democrats feel better about themselves because they did “something.” They can pat themselves on the backs and go back to raising taxes and creating deficits because they did it “for the children.”

This is politics, folks, plain and simple. It’s pandering to a base in hopes of winning elections, that’s it. If they truly wanted to protect our children, they’d butt out and uphold the law of the land, our Constitution. This is not about hunting (sheesh that argument is stupid), this is not about gun shows:  this is about protecting our rights. Period, the end. They can keep trying to minimize the Constitution, and their attempts at manipulating and molesting it, but in the end, what it really boils down to is bigger government, more control and fewer rights. When you have a president who openly tells the world the Constitution is a barrier and that he’s “restricted” by it, this is painfully clear.



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