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379279_484968264874202_1763382118_nGrowing up in the suburbs of Toronto, Canada, I had many friends who were first or second generation Canadians.  They had come from such diverse places as Bangladesh, China, Lebanon and England.  I noticed a few similarities between my friends’ families, no matter where they came from.  The first was their pride in their own heritage and customs, but the second was a fierce pride in being a Canadian, learning the language and heritage and in the hard work of coming and earning a living in their new country.

Most of the kids I knew back then, their families balanced well their love of the old and a love for living in their new home.  While holding onto and expressing their rich heritage at home and among new friends, their carried little of their culture into school and their work places.  At home, they were “hyphenated”, but in their livelihoods, they were wholly Canadian and proud of it.

Now, as an immigrant myself, I’m noticing that many who have come into the US illegally do not have any respect for the laws of this country or an appreciation for citizens.  The government as well, by looking for ways to grant amnesty to millions of illegals clearly does not respect the Constitution they swore to uphold when they took office.  Maybe folks like John McCain, who calls these people illegal, yet still plans on rewarding them with a chance at citizenship have just been in Washington for far too long and have forgotten what oath they swore.

America is sovereign. There are already immigration laws in place.  These same laws, which we are continuously told, are broken.  No, they are not broken; illegals and politicians alike ignore them.  Illegals for what they can get in social government programs, politicians for what they can get in votes.

Our government has been derelict in their main duty to protect citizens from threats both foreign and domestic.  They allow, because of a misguided use of the 14th Amendment, pregnant women to give birth to so-called anchor babies immediately upon illegally crossing the southern border.  They give social and welfare benefits to illegals by taxing hard working citizens.  The Obama administration even sued the State of Arizona for implementing state immigration laws to try and protect their citizens while doing nothing about the steady flow of violence coming across the border.  Now the Obama administration is using the sequester again as a bargaining tool by releasing thousands of illegals from American jails, hundreds of them convicted felons. The American government has and continues to reward lawbreakers while leaving the way open for potential terrorists to come in and set up sleeper cells all over the nation.

Politicians keep telling us that the only thing that can be done about the millions already in America is to give them a “pathway to citizenship”, yet they have done nothing to seal the border.  People are still streaming through.  We are told illegals cannot be ‘rounded up’ because it would be near impossible to find them, yet somehow millions are found in order to receive welfare and government aid.  We are told it would be cruel to send them back to their country of origin because it would tear apart families, yet families are torn apart every day when those who break the law are sent to jail.  Yes it’s heartbreaking, but if one chooses to break the laws then one takes the risks that they may suffer consequences of their actions.  The government expects to find these millions whom they claim cannot be found in order to process them for the pathway, which coincidently is a slap in the faces of all who have come to America the legal way.

Yes, the immigration process is a time, money and effort consuming process, but it is not impossible, or there would not be millions of us here who have gone through it.  It is hard and takes hard work and patience, but if something is worth having, it is worth all effort to work hard for it.

For myself (and millions of others), the freedoms afforded under the American Constitution are well worth working for. People have given their lives for and to protect America’s freedoms.  Those who put their lives on the line, and those who continue now to defend America, may know it; but I cherish and am so grateful for what they are fighting for.

When I came to America, I swore to myself that I would learn, uphold and defend the Constitution of America.  Someday I will have the honor to swear a similar oath before a Judge and fellow citizens when I get my citizenship.  I will be the best citizen that I can be for those who have fought and still fight for my privilege to live here.

My family and friends back home think I’ve become too Americanized.  They don’t believe I appreciate my Canadian heritage anymore because of my desire to become an American citizen.  They don’t understand my love and passion for America, the history, the people and my love of our incredible military.  Some of my friends are even offended.  They just don’t understand that while I am and always will be proud of my Canadian heritage, I can still maintain my ‘Canadianess’ while loving everything America.

I can’t explain to them what it is to live in and love America because to truly understand, they would have to experience it themselves. That is what is wrong about so many who come to America illegally and refusing to integrate or obey the laws, what is so wrong about so many of our politicians.  Millions of people may be living in America, but they are missing the experience of truly loving America.




Carolyn Elkins

Carolyn Elkins' PolitiChicks articles have been shared by Mark Levin, NewsBusters and New Media Journal. She writes about everything from military issues, the Middle East, Islam, politics to the Founding Fathers. Carolyn is a guest writer on The Right Scoop and PolitiBrew under the name American Duckie. Born in Canada, but now a proud U.S. citizen, Florida PolitiChick Carolyn is an unapologetic Christian and Constitutional Conservative. She studies the Founders and their writings, and uses what she learns to try and educate others. Carolyn is the founder of the Constitutional Freedom Party, a completely grass roots organization whose foundation is on God and the Founder's intent for a Constitutional Republic. Carolyn is married with one child and has taught American Government and Constitution to her home school co-op group of 12- 14 year olds. You can visit her via the Constitutional Freedom Party blog or on twitter @ABiCduckie and @CFP4US

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