Fast Food Workers On Strike? Puh-lease!

mcdonalds-strikeThis week, fast food employees from the likes of McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell and others decided to strike because of low wages. They cried “foul” over the fact that the owners of these establishments were making all the money while they do all the work, and demanded minimum wage be set at $15 an hour.  In essence, they were holding Big Macs and Gorditas hostage. The horror! The agony! Whatever will we do with them on strike?

Anyone else scratching your head at this? Not to say that working fast food is an easy job, or one that doesn’t deserve some level of respect (a job is a job is a job).  However, it’s not like its brain surgery folks, and you’re easy enough to replace. No one applies at Arby’s thinking they’ll strike it rich one day, right? I hate to break it to you, McDonald’s employee, but you’re not special and you’re not entitled to make any demands on Ronald where your pay is concerned. I know, Obama and his lib buddies have been saying you’re somehow deserving of “more” for “less”, but you’re not. Welcome to reality.

Every time I hear someone complain about the minimum wage and how we should raise it, I want to break out my daughter’s first-grade math book and explain to them how numbers really work. If we raise the minimum wage to $15, like these folks want, the cost of everything else will go UP so in reality even if Mr. Taco Bell is making $15 an hour, he’ll still be in the same place financially. Companies aren’t going to eat that cost, so guess who does? Customers, and that includes you too, Whopper boy. Maybe if I broke out the crayons and puppets they’d understand?

If people in these types of positions want the ability to earn more, we should do away with minimum wage altogether. Yup. You heard me correctly, get rid of it (I’ll wait a few moments while our liberal friends’ heads explode before I go on). Let me explain  – right now, companies like McDonalds, don’t really have to compete for their workers because they know Burger King and Taco Bell are more than likely paying the minimum wage as well. They know that a person applying to work fast food is going to make the same amount no matter where they go because thanks to Uncle Sam, we have the minimum wage. Go us.

Not to mention employees know they’re making pretty much the same amount as the burger flipper next to them, so why exert themselves any more than what is absolutely necessary? It’s not like they can make less than minimum wage and let’s be honest, if they get fired from McDonalds it won’t be on their resume when they apply at Taco Johns. I know. That might sound mean, but it’s the truth and sorry y’all, the truth isn’t always nice.

So if the government would get out of private industry in this regard and let the market determine wages, people would start earning more. This fear that corporations will pay slave wages unless Big Nanny Gov is holding their feet to the fire is just silly. McDonalds knows they would have to compete for their employees, so they would have to pay more – plus employees would be more likely to excel knowing their wage isn’t tied to a predetermined legal amount. Everybody wins when we create competition – which makes liberals cry because we’re supposed to all be equal in worth and make only so much money so life is fair… oh, and everyone should get a free unicorn from the government as well, but that’s another article.

I feel like I’ve been a tad bit disrespectful of folks who work in fast food, and I promise that is not my intention. There are many, many people who work very hard in that industry who I honestly believe would (and should) benefit from the removal of the minimum wage.  However, for all the yahoos on strike who think the world owes them “fries with that?” Get back to work!



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