Defending a Murderous Butcher

Kermit GosnellKermit Gosnell should be a household name. Everyone should know about this so-called physician who is now on trial for atrocities against women and children in the Women’s Medical Society where he performed abortions in the city of Philadelphia. He is on trial for the death of one woman and seven infants but his list of murderous acts are well documented beyond his murder charge.  There has been little coverage of his trial or of the testimonies that have described a filthy, bloody clinic that had human baby feet in jars, dead babies in bags in refrigerators and unlicensed medical employees performing medical procedures. The pro-abortion voices are already posturing their position defending Gosnell and their pointing the blame where else but to the Right and to the Pro-life Movement.

The Case on Trial

The case document reads like a horror story but it is important to put the facts of this case into the right perspective. Gosnell is not on trial for performing legal abortions that are clearly outlined in Pennsylvania’s regulations regarding abortion procedures. He is on trial for abortions that were performed in the third-trimester and on induced births (outside the womb). Abortions after the 24th week of pregnancy are considered a crime. Testimonies have described Gosnell snipping the spinal cords of living, breathing babies outside the womb to “ensure fetal demise”, as he was quoted. He is also charged with the death of a 41-year-old woman who was given an overdose of Demerol during her abortion procedure and was not properly monitored.

The Blame

The media’s silence on this case is typical of the biased news industry that panders to the pro-choice movement. However, the abortion defenders are not shy to dismiss the murderous acts of Gosnell and put the blame elsewhere. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, politicians and the “right-wing” culture are to blame according to Kate Michelman, the Emeritus President of NARAL. In her Huffington Post article she states, “Evidence suggests that a number of factors influenced a woman’s decision to seek care at Gosnell’s clinic: Medicaid’s refusal to provide insurance coverage for most abortions; the scarcity of abortion providers in Pennsylvania (and across the nation); the fear of violence perpetrated by protesters at clinics, and right wing culture that has so stigmatized abortion that many think it is still illegal 40 years after Roe v. Wade”. The pro-abortionists are playing the blame game and according to some, Gosnell is just another victim of the stigma and public indifference to low-income communities. They cite the recent frenzy over this case is the politicization by the right and the pro-life movement to further restrict and regulate abortion clinics and risk women’s health.

The Facts

There are 6 surgical abortion centers in Philadelphia (4 are downtown) with a few more centers that offer chemical abortions in the area. (Hardly a scarcity.) According to the Pennsylvania Department of Health, most abortion centers are located in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh and are within the low-income communities. In Philadelphia, nearly half of all black pregnancies end in abortion. (The lack of public funding doesn’t seem to be a hindrance to getting an abortion.) There were numerous violations against the Gosnell clinic that went uninvestigated for years or were passed over by a verbal promise by Gosnell that he would fix them. However, the greatest neglect from the Pennsylvania Department of Health in further investigating any violations came from not the politics of the “Pro-life” but in fact from the “Pro-choice”, under the administration of Governor Ridge. They believed inspections would further restrict women from seeking abortions. (Seems to be the right-wing, pro-life culture was more aware of the importance of safety in protecting a woman’s health.)


Perhaps reality is best served by a voice that knows the front lines of the abortion debate. Ryan Bomberger, co-founder of The Radiance Foundation, said in response to NARAL’s Emeritus President, “It is just like NARAL to shill for abortion and defend a butcher. Gosnell was no physician. Physicians bring healing. Try putting the blame where it belongs…with an abortionist who was a butcher and the National Abortion Federation that KNEW his clinic was squalid and in massive violation, but remained silent because you and NAF value abortion above the lives of innocent unborn children and the women that carry them”.

Kermit Gosnell committed horrific crimes against women and babies in a low-income minority community. He profited from black women on providing cheap abortions and knew that many of his medical procedures were not only illegal but also dangerous to the health of the women. This should be the biggest civil rights issue headlining the news networks but the leaders of the black community are silent.

So many people should be prosecuted for atrocities that took place at 3801 Lancaster. The reality is that over 40 years since Roe v. Wade 55 million babies have been aborted.  It is an industry that uses the deaths of babies, though legal or illegal methods, and profits from it. Women are lied to about the effects of using abortion as a contraception method and are forced to live with devastating effects of repeated abortions.

Kermit Gosnell is on trial for 8 murders but no records will be able to calculate the number of deaths that took place in his clinic. Our nation is constantly reminded of the tragic deaths of innocent children by gun violence. Yet, the abortionists who kill 2500 babies a day are celebrated and protected by a society who remains silent.


Julie Klose

Virginia Politichick Julie Klose is a freelance writer and blogger. Julie covers all topics related to US and foreign politics but is particularly passionate about social issues. She is pro-life and has interviewed different people and organizations within the pro-life movement. Julie has been featured on several radio shows for her conservative opinions. She is a contributing writer and content editor for When she is not dabbling in political writing, she enjoys blogging on her personal blog site at where she mixes it up about faith, family, and politics. You can find Julie on Twitter @thevelvetbrick1 or on her Facebook page The Velvet Brick.

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