An Ode to Joe

Joe Biden

This guy is our vice president,
and we call him Uncle Joe.
He tends to lie and make things up,
and prove that he is slow.

If he doesn’t know for sure,
he pulls it out of thin air.
Like the government not paying for abortions,
under our fave, Obamacare.

And what about his goofy smile,
and the way he condescends.
Like when he talks about being poor,
and then spends, and spends, and spends.

I admit it, I watch the news,
just to see what he might say.
Like telling folks they’ll be back in chains,
or that he “gets the gays.”

Or maybe he’ll tell women how
they should protect themselves, how fun.
By storming out on their balcony,
and firing two shots in the air with a shot gun.

Of course nothing tops the time,
he told the audience to give the senator a hand.
Then told the same senator in a wheelchair,
he should get up and take a stand.

I suppose we should just smile and nod,
when he talks about a garden variety slap.
We shouldn’t hold him accountable,
because he’s just not that bright a chap.

To be the second honcho in charge,
is apparently a big f’ing deal,
Even if you are a plagiarizing goof,
who loves to lie, cheat and steal.

So thank you, Mr. Vice President,
aka Crazy Uncle Joe,
For being an ever constant reminder,
that democrats, like you, must go.


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