Adam Lanza’s Perpetual Killing Spree

adam-lanza-83e29“The evil that men do lives after them…” William Shakespeare from Julius Caesar

There are events that irreparably alter the fabric of our nation, shaking us to the core of our beliefs. The assassination of JFK, 9/11 and the Sandy Hook shooting are three such acts. Evil affects us so greatly as a nation because we are such a good people. We immediately question why and craft elaborate plans to ensure never again. We try to make sense of the senseless and too often overlook the stark ugly fact that evil exists and sometimes, despite our best efforts, those who are motivated by it do evil things.

Adam Lanza was especially evil in that he chose to act against the most innocent among us. He harmed those we most seek to protect. Thankfully, Lanza is gone, but even after his death he still remains a threat. In his wake are too many politicians who, either due to misguided good intentions or a desire for more power, will continue his campaign. Granted, they will not do it with the same vacant stare and bloodthirsty glee, but the effect of their actions will directly yield to the same unavoidable outcome – the death of untold innocents.

Out of all the proposals that have been put forth since the Sandy Hook shooting, from banning “assault weapons,” to limiting gun magazine capacity, to tighter background checks, we all know that not a single one will work. But given liberal’s lack of common sense and insistence on embracing the impossible they will not deviate from their doomed course of action. We can point at laws already on the books, cite statistics in our favor, and call forth examples and personal testimony, but their minds were made up long ago. Now they have the crisis that is too serious to go to waste.  They are determined in their ill-fated crusade to “save one child”. And because politicians cannot stop the lawless, they tighten their grip on the law abiding.

A few years ago I lived next to a rental home that frequently changed occupants. After a shootout occurred next door I discovered that these latest neighbors were running a, shall I say, “unlicensed pharmaceutical dispensary.” A few days later I got a call from the local Fraternal Order of Police seeking donations to “fight crime in my area.” As the college kid on the other end of the line read in a monotone from the script, I kept thinking about the absurdity of the situation. I shared with the young man how my next-door neighbors were dealing drugs and then asked how much I would need to donate in order to have the police go next door and “fight crime.” The kid stuttered for a moment and then said, “Well, for a donation of five dollars you get a sticker that says Fraternal Order of Police.” I then asked the kid if he thought I could effectively use the sticker by running over to my drug dealing neighbors and yelling, “Stop breaking the law! I have a sticker!” The kid laughed and then said, “Hey, I’m just getting paid to make the calls.”

We are placing the lives and safety of the most vulnerable among us in the power of a sticker. We want to believe we can slap up a “Gun Free Zone” sign and it will magically banish all evildoers like an invisible fence. Those in political office who “make the calls” insist this is so.  Even Adam Lanza would agree.


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