“The Bible” on History Channel (Musings from a Conservative Mom)

bibleThe History Channel has been airing a series about the best selling book in the world, “The Bible.” I have been quite surprised that I have not seen an outcry from the public or local new channels showing people protesting the History Channel not to air this series. Especially when certain groups have protested to have crosses on public land removed although many of them have been in place for decades.

The ACLU demanded, on May 25, 2004, that the county removal of the cross from the Los Angeles County’s seal. Although the cross was not prominently displayed on the seal, it had been part of the seal since it was adopted on January 2, 1957. That seal had adorned county vehicles since that date. The cross was not prominently displayed on the Los Angeles County’s seal.

More recently Atheists filed a court order banning nativity scenes from being displayed in public places in the City of Santa Monica and Venice, California. A week after the court ruled to ban the living nativity scene it was moved to a new location on private property that was offered by the property’s owner.

Then we have the ongoing debate of “The Pledge of Allegiance”, about the phrase, “under God.” A Joint Resolution of Congress approved the amendment of a portion of the flag code, which was enacted in 1942.  On June 14, 1954 the phrase “under God” incorporated into the “Pledge of Allegiance”.

I have not heard of any protests against the History Channel airing the series ”The Bible”. I have not seen any protest demanding that the series be taken off the air nor have I heard anything from the local or national news outlets discussing the subject. .

I have watched the series from the beginning and I have been mesmerized by how well they have brought the books of the Bible to life. Being a Christian woman, whose ancestors fled to this great nation, the United States of America, so they would be able to worship the religion of their choosing, without persecution. The above protests in my opinion are acts of persecution.

Since I am a Christian woman who follows the teachings of the “Bible”, through the holy trinity; the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. How can anyone who truly is a Christian and put their trust in the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ, God and the Holy Spirit, not be a conservative? As I watch the series I see the conservative values evolve. Especially in the episode that aired on Sunday, March 10, 2013, where “The Bible” demonstrates choosing good versus evil. I highly recommend this series to conservatives and non-conservatives a like as your may learn just where you truly stand and may be quite surprised. .











Ann-Marie Murrell

Ann-Marie Murrell is one of the creators of PolitiChicks and co-owns the site with Morgan Brittany. Ann-Marie is co-author of two bestselling books, “What Women (Really) Want” and "PolitiChicks: A Clarion Call to Political Activism". She has appeared on dozens of television shows including Fox & Friends, CNN, Hannity, the Dr. Phil Show, Huckabee, Lou Dobbs, C-SPAN, One America News, Stuart Varney & Company, Newsmax, MSNBC, and more. In addition to PolitiChicks, Ann-Marie has written for multiple other news sites. You can find Ann-Marie Murrell on Facebook and Twitter: @PolitichickAM E-mail: [email protected]

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