Spitting Nails

Ava AstonIf we didn’t have enough reasons to be infuriated over the last four years, it seems that 2013 is off to a rip-roaring start.  How is it that the Sequester, which was proposed by the White House is now the Republican’s fault and Obama is nowhere to blame on this?  It boggles my Greek mind as to how anyone with a working organ in between their ears could not see what is going on.

Since when is it that “We The People” have no voice in what actually happens to our Country?  We have a President who is acting like a preschooler having a temper tantrum, whose only goal is to intentionally cause harm to our nation all for the sake of political gain.  He can demonize success yet it appears he has no problem owning a $40 Million home in Hawaii, or taking elaborate vacations all around the world including private golf outings with Tiger Woods while his wife and kids go skiing in Aspen.  But when it comes to cutting costs, well he just can’t be bothered.

How is it that the President is spending money to go out on a “Doom and Gloom Tour” telling the American people how we do not have any money, yet he can find $250 Million to give aid to Egypt in return for agreeing to “talk”?  Seriously?  Oh I guess the $1.5 billion we gave to the Muslim Brotherhood who overthrew and now run the Egyptian government and later killed one of our Ambassadors and several Secret Servicemen in Benghazi wasn’t enough.  What’s wrong with this picture?  Meanwhile here at home we have people literally killing themselves, tapping into their retirement just to keep the lights on, taking two and three jobs to feed their family and he has no problem with giving more money to Egypt?  Newsflash to Administration:  Islam is not a peaceful religion and FYI, the Muslim Brotherhood wants to not only kill us, but wipe us from the face of the earth.  It might be a good idea to stop giving them money.

Really though like Hillary said, “What difference does it make”?

I just have to ask, when is it going to be enough?  When will people start to open their eyes and stop allowing their brains be turned to mush by the distractions they see in pop-culture and the distorted lies fed them by the mainstream media?  The mainstream media is lazy, complacent, culpable and in my opinion, criminal.  There is a word for when leaders control the media, it’s called a dictatorship.  Has anyone forgotten Amber Lyon blowing the whistle on CNN?

We are a polarized nation that has never been more divided on more issues.  It’s because of this very reason we as a nation are being destroyed from within.  What do I mean?  Well, I can’t even think of one hot button topic in which Obama has not somehow infused himself into in order to create division and the mainstream media just sits on the sidelines cheering and reciting the lines fed to them by Stephanie Cutter and the goons in the administration.

The Sequestration is just the latest issue.  First he puts it out first as a solution, then back-peddles and blames the Republicans for causing it to happen.  Truth is, this probably wouldn’t have happened if the Democrat led Senate would have just passed at least one budget in the last four years.  I can’t think of a time where we have run a country without a budget for four consecutive years.  It’s no wonder they can’t identify where to cut any of the fat in Washington when they don’t even know what their limits are in the first place.  The irony is they have no problem insisting we cut the fat in our diet and slim down but Heaven forbid they hold themselves to the same standard.

So let’s look at this.  Obama has made racism an issue through the “Beer Summit” and the Treyvon Martin incident.  He has made Christians look bad by supporting the gay marriage agenda and attacking the church through the forced birth control in Obamacare.  Not to mention by not engaging in the National Day of Prayer, and instead hosting a Muslim breakfast. For crying out loud in his own book he said if it came down to it, he would “side with his Muslim brothers”.  He’s used the terrible gun violence issues caused by criminals who don’t obey laws in the first place to be the catalyst for taking guns away from law-biding citizens without even looking at his hometown of Chicago.  He attacks success by creating the class-warfare argument through blasting CEO’s and Wall Street for their success while simultaneously having the FED pump money into Wall Street to artificially make it appear the economy is rebounding.  But that isn’t enough so he decided to make all conservatives appear even more racist by insisting we don’t like Mexicans or anyone who immigrated legal or illegally through suing Arizona for enforcing it’s own laws and insisting on making all illegal aliens legal through a subversive form of amnesty.

So if that wasn’t enough now we have the whole Sequestration, which is just the rich white Republicans fault and they don’t want anyone to have jobs because we hate teachers and firemen dontcha know.  Where does this nonsense stop?  I say we solve this whole stinking problem with these simple solutions that I call the “Greek Girl Prop 10”:

  1. No more vacations or golfing for Michelle and Barry.
  2. No more continuous campaigning efforts on Taxpayer Dollars by Barry.
  3. No more celebrity parties at the White House, including JayZ and Beyonce.
  4. Immediately stop all foreign Aid to All Countries, and for the Love of God Never to any country that is not 100% aligned with us.
  5. Stop paying $50 Million per year to fund abortions in China.  (As we owe money to China, so why are we giving them money for anything, let alone to fund abortions?
  6. Cancel the 1000+ order of $1.6 Million drones to patrol US Skies.
  7. Grant all law-biding citizens a gun license.  It will boost sales and stop crime.
  8. Cancel Zombie Warfare training immediately.
  9. Reduce corporate taxes so we can get back to work.
  10. Make Unions illegal since it is nothing more than legalized extortion anyway.

If you’re not spitting nails by this point, then I’m guessing you’re busy watching The Kardashian’s or American Idol.  My advice, turn the channel people.  Rome is burning and America is hanging in the balance, it is time to Stand Up!

Ava Aston

For information about Ava Aston visit www.avaaston.com, or email: [email protected] or you can download all of her music at iTunes.

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