Rand Paul, How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways…

rand+paul+filibusterOkay, so I don’t technically love the senator, but I am absolutely in love with what he did earlier this week… standing on his feet for 13 hours, no bathroom breaks, munching on snacks to keep up his energy and championing our Constitution. He said, “… I will not sit quietly and let him (Obama) shred the Constitution.” Absolute political hotness (yes, I am coining that phrase, thank you). Even people who don’t normally pay attention to politics took notice of the good Senator from Kentucky, standing his ground and refusing to yield; when Reid tried to say they were “done for the night” and Rand objected, I snickered.  A lot.

This is what we need, Conservatives. We need leaders like Rand Paul who are willing to bring to light each and every piece of our Constitution this administration chooses to ignore, nay shred, and put it in terms anyone can understand. Our famous “uninformed voters” even understood what Rand was saying, that our government should not have the right to “off” Americans on American soil because we might be dangerous. “They belong to the Tea Party? They could be a domestic terrorist, add ‘em to the list. Wait, they have firearms in their home and carry conceal? Definitely add them to the list. They hate golf? Take ‘em out, forget the list.”

Many times Sen. Paul indicated that all the administration had to do was answer a simple question–and yet, they refused. Nope. The president was occupied, taking Republican Senators to dinner (they are SO on my “vote-them-out-they-stink” list now) that he couldn’t be bothered to reassure Americans that the government couldn’t kill us because they thought we needed killin’. Oh no, he was far too busy watching Senator McCain stuff his face with shrimp cocktail and dinner rolls…

Personally, I’m thankful the administration didn’t answer his question because it gave Rand the opportunity to literally take his time and speak for all of us. He spoke eloquently about the Constitution, about the importance of protecting our civil liberties and he truly illustrated what justice should look like. I jumped up and down when he pointed out how power hungry this administration is and reminded them that no one is above the highest law of the land. Senator Cruz from Texas played his part (the letter from the Alamo was awesome) and even a few Democrats stood up during the filibuster (who’da thunk it?) And of course, the moment Senator John Barrasso stood up and assisted Rand, I cheered and lost my mind because yeah, he’s MY senator.

When Rand yielded the floor at the end of those 13 hours, even though his question hadn’t been answered, he’d won, which means Americans won. Sure, Holder sent him a letter the next day with a very basic and snippy response that answered his question, but by then it really didn’t matter.

Americans knew who their real champion was, and will be.


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