Our Government Wants To (Fill In Blank) Us!

drone strikesLet’s play a word game for a few minutes. In the news every day there is some tidbit about how the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is arming themselves with weapons that are illegal to use on our enemies, but apparently fine to use on citizens. Lately they are buying tanks— 2,700 to be exact–and new uniforms, too. In the midst of sequestration and supposed cutbacks, the DHS apparently has money to burn.

Next up we have a new Sec. of State; the traitor, John Kerry. This man has recently promised more of our hard-earned U.S. dollars to Egypt. Our veterans are being booted from VA care and treatment, but the Egyptians get $250 million!

If none of the above is enough to give you twitches, the drones are coming. Our DOJ and Eric Holder seem to see nothing wrong with murder. They just spin the use of the words ‘extraordinary circumstances’ and can murder any citizen for any reason to suit their agenda. I call it murder—but of course, all of us Christian, ex -military, ex-police, and pro-Life folks are already labeled ‘potential terrorists’ by the DHS.  If Holder has his way, someone could report to Big Brother that you are dangerous barbecuing in your backyard and BOOM—drone strike! (Don’t tell me they will have these things and never use them…I can see the young Gen X’ers playing real life war games with citizens….)

Meanwhile, Diane Feinstein is perhaps deviously and treacherously trying to disarm us of our rights and our weapons despite having knowledge of drone strikes aimed at U.S. citizens overseas:

“’I have reached an agreement with the White House,’ Feinstein said, ‘to provide the committee access to all OLC opinions related to the targeted killing of Americans in a way that allows members to fulfill their oversight responsibilities.

The memos outline the legal basis for conducting drone strikes on Americans abroad, who are identified as terrorists — a program that has led to some criticism of the president’s administration.”

Then as if on cue, Eric Holder says they can also kill us here on U.S. soil. What a coincidence, right? Make no doubt about it, Feinstein still wants your guns because the government is going to keep you people “ safe ”.
(Perhaps our new CIA Director John Brennan, who allegedly converted to Islam, will keep us safe…)

Connect the dots, open your mind, and it is clear that these recent government developments are not for “We the People” but rather for a Marxist-type regime.  With all the legislation put forth by both sides of the aisle, it’s not difficult to think this is true.  Everything from NDAA to forcing us to buy Obamacare has been blatantly un-American.

Three questions every Americans should be asking are:

  1. Why do they want our legal guns?
  2. Why do they want the authority to kill us for any whimsical reason?
  3. Who decides who will be killed in a U.S. drone strike?

It seems We the People are under daily assaults. There is no focus on jobs, no concern about gas prices, no actual plan to cut the bloated budgets and unnecessary spending.

So pick a word for the title and insert whichever sums it up best:



Lisa Marie Allen

Lisa Marie Allen is a Registered Nurse, a computer graphics specialist, a wife, mother and a dog rescuer. Lisa has lived all across the U.S.A.

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