Obamacare Loans to Friends of the President

Obamacare WaiverThe Washington Examiner recently reported that In 2012, Freelancer’s Insurance Company, a New York based organization headed by Sara Horowitz, received a $340 million loan by the U.S. Federal government in order to help set up Obamacare’s “exchanges” in New York, New Jersey, and Oregon.  Horowitz’s organization won the single largest award under a provision in Obamacare establishing 24 co-ops to compete against private insurance companies and state health insurance exchanges.  The co-ops are non-profits that exist for the benefit of members.  Funds are awarded as tax-free loans by the Federal government.

According to Lifesitenews, Freelancer’s is an insurance company “known for not keeping its contractual obligations.”  They allege that Sara Horwitz is a friend of Barack Obama’s from back in his community organizer days.  They also claim that she is the former leader of a radical organization funded by the infamous George Soros.

The New York Consumer Guide to Health Insurance Companies 2012 reports that out of 38 possible rankings with 1 being Best and 38 Worst, Freelancer’s Insurance Company ranked 38th.  In 2011, Freelancer’s ranked 35th.

The Blaze reports that “Obama and Horowitz have a past professional connection,” but maintain that a personal one is more difficult to prove.  The two apparently worked together when they served as founding members of the liberal organization, Demos.  George Soros was a financial contributor to Demos, so there is a link back to Horowitz, but to what extent is not yet known.

The question that boggles my mind is obvious:  Why on earth would the Federal government choose the lowest rated company, Freelancer’s Insurance, to set up the exchange?   Has some sort of favor been extended to Horowitz via some radical past connection with Obama?

Horowitz was also chosen this past December to serve a three-year term as a director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has opened an investigation into this, so be expecting to hear more information in the coming months.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative in Wisconsin is the recipient of another such Federal loan to the tune of $56.4 million.  This organization, based in Chicago, claims to be one of the oldest and largest community organizing networks and is the Milwaukee affiliate of the Industrial Areas Foundation, founded by Saul Alinsky, another radical community organizer from Chicago. Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson says that Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative of Wisconsin was only formed in August of 2011, just three months before applying for the loan.  What criteria made them worthy to then receive $56.4 million of taxpayer money?

What other companies with ties to Obama’s past will receive such favors?

Be on the look out for this and other consequences of Obamacare!






Lara Rhea

Lara Rhea has always had a passion for God and her family. She is the former Ms. Texas and Ms. Conservative United States (2012-2013). She is a political writer, blogger, and reporter living in Austin, Texas, and her passions are politics and healthcare. Among her many endeavors, Lara is also currently a graduate student in clinical mental health counseling and planning to become a licensed therapist. She is interested in mental health issues, but because of heart conditions which require her to have a pacemaker and defibrillator, she also has a vested interest in physical health and well-being. She is training for a half-marathon in support of the American Heart Association to show that those living with health challenges can still live a great quality of life. Her interest in politics began many years ago while working on a congressional campaign as a speech writer and campaign manager. With undergraduate degrees in English, Psychology, and Business, along with her passion for politics, she is able to write about various topics but typically focuses on Obamacare issues. Lara had a near-death experience when her heart stopped and sees things through the lens of a person who realizes there is a great purpose to life. She is currently writing a book about how the American health care system is under siege and would like to write about her spiritual journey as a heart patient, as well. After she graduates, Lara would like to advocate for mental health patients on legislative issues and bring awareness to the public about all healthcare related issues.

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