Enough Is Enough!

political-correctness-now3I have a secret. The fact is…I am a coward. The older I get, the less I like to engage in controversy or confrontation. I suffer from the same malady I have always suffered from. I want people to like me. I want their approval and acceptance. I like my friends and I don’t particularly want to lose any. No matter how old I get, I have the same fears, insecurities, and hesitations that I had as a teenager.

I have a feeling I’m not alone. I submit that we have become a people so scared at the thought of being labeled “bigoted” or “narrow-minded” that we keep our mouths shut. We don’t speak out because we don’t want to “offend” anyone. So how does a coward like me openly expose myself on a national forum?  The answer is simple:  it’s because I have discovered that those who worship at the feet of “political correctness”, are the true cowards…and I’ve had enough.

I’ve had enough of the political correctness seeping in at an increasing rate into our schools, churches, organizations, and government. “Political correctness” is nothing but a front used by secular humanists who don’t believe in absolutes, to weasel their way in and destroy.

I’ve had enough of watching progressives denigrate anyone and anything that promotes the Judeo-Christian values that I hold dear.

I’ve had enough of the lack of respect shown to those that speak out against their liberal agenda. There is no such thing as civil discourse anymore.  We can no longer “agree to disagree”, because that would be seen as weakness; or worse, actually showing some respect for someone else’s opinion.

I’ve had enough of the irresponsible progressive indoctrination of children and adults alike, destroying our moral compass in the process. They use terms such as  “inclusion” and “tolerance” to justify their rabid vitriol and attacks against anyone who stands in their way of advancing their cause-if you ever need a definition of an oxymoron, this is it.  FYI…It’s not about tolerance or inclusion (of which they have none); it is about causing as much division as possible. Progressives don’t care whether a group, business, organization, or church is left standing a year from now after they’ve finished bullying their way in. Their agenda is to divide and conquer by causing us (used collectively) to turn against each other on ideological points.

I get it.

They want us–and everything we cherish–to implode from within.

When will we stop ignoring the truth, despite being slapped in the face with the evidence of the agenda to destroy this country as we know it? When will we stop turning a blind eye and praying we won’t be affected?  It is easy to speak “love”, “tolerance”, and “inclusion”. After all, these are Biblical principles we are taught from birth. One can only legitimately argue against these innocuous terms when it is understood that the definitions and usage of these terms have changed.  These words are now craftily being used as “weapons” to accomplish progressive goals.

So many of us are silently supportive to those courageous enough to speak out on our behalf. But, are we not allowing them to fight our battle without our voices? We must no longer have our silence be assumed as compliant to scheming activists.  By allowing the religion of “political correctness” to continue to stealthily creep in through the back door, we must do everything within our power to stymie the tide. When will we decide that enough is enough?




Lydia Susanne has conducted exclusive interviews with Israeli author Lela Gilbert, activist and lead singer of KANSAS John Elefonte, Todd Daniels of International Christian Concern, and Bob Fu of China Aid, among other notable subjects for PolitiChicks.com.

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