Election Of A Pope: Why Was Mahoney Included?

Roger MahoneyHours of broadcast news were devoted toward speculating who would replace the retiring Pope Benedict from the Papacy. As I watched some of the Cardinals arriving at the Vatican, I was shocked to see Cardinal Roger Mahoney was permitted to be involved with the process of electing a new Pope.

I think it is a was travesty of justice that Cardinal Roger Mahoney has yet to be brought up on charges by facilitating cover-ups of numerous acts of child molestation. Many of these cases of child abuse occurred even before his promotion to Archbishop of Los Angeles on July 16, 1985. His actions make Penn State former football coach Joe Paterno look like a saint.

Although Cardinal Roger Mahoney appears to be a humble and dedicated servant of the Catholic Church, there is absolutely no excuse for the Catholic Church to condone such acts of child abuse and molestation. By sending Cardinal Roger Mahoney to the Vatican to be included in the election of a new Pope is unjust before the Lord and the people, especially the members of the church who were physically violated and abused.

No one should be immune or above reproach when it comes to defiling innocent children. Additionally, in my opinion the Catholic Church must reveal all of the known incidents. Our government should demand the release of all the records of the priest or other who were involved in child abuse and molestation no matter how old these records are. The perpetrators are not immune to punishment under the law of the State of California and the United States of America and they should be brought to justice! We must insist that they have a fair trial of their peers, face their accusers in a court of law and pay for their sins by whatever punishment that the judge deems appropriate.

Instead of the Church holding these priests accountable for their actions, they were merely reassigned to a different church, thus allowing them to continue their illegal and immoral behavior in a different setting. How is this justice? How does this protect the naïve children who may be potential victims? Do they think that by simply forgiving them of their sins and perhaps sending them to counseling, that these perpetrators would be healed?

We all know that is not the case. There have been many public schools in the United States that have had their own problems with children being abused and molested by members of the staff and they usually act immediately to remove the teacher or employee from the school involved. Then they are put through the process of being arrested, tried and in most occasions, are convicted for their crimes.

Does the Catholic Church believe that rapists and people who abuse, molest and abduct the innocence from children should be allowed to be free to do what they please, without any consequences?

Apparently they believe that the Catholic Church should be the judge and jury in these matters and sweep them under the rug and cover it in order for the Catholic Church will outwardly appear pure and holy. That action will not stop these horrendous acts from continuing; the priest who committed the crimes are just are moved to a new church where they can start abusing children again.

I cannot even fathom the number of abuses that have occurred in the Catholic church as these crimes were not committed by just one individual but by many. Neither the public nor the police department has any idea of the actual number of cases there truly are, as not all of those who were taken advantage of have come forward to tell their story to the authorities.

So my question again is:  Why would the Catholic Church have invited Cardinal Roger Mahoney to participate in the election of a new Pope? Perhaps they felt that out of all of the Cardinals who are involved in choosing a new Pope, he would be the best one of all of the Cardinals participating, to spot a candidate who may have been a child molester or abuser or know a no nonsense Cardinal who would not sweep crimes against innocent children in the rug and take the appropriate action as deemed by the country, city or state.

I am even more surprised that Cardinal Mahoney has not been de-frocked due to his unethical participation in covering up for the priests or others who have been active in the church who committed the numerous incidents of child molestation and abuse. We can only watch out for our children and teach them to tell an adult that they trust, preferably their parents of the crime and then file charges against those who broke the law by violating our children.



























Ann-Marie Murrell

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