Debating Liberals, 101

liberal debatesHow many times have found yourself debating a liberal and before you knew it, you were looking for a brick wall to bang your head against? A hot poker to stick in your ear, perhaps? It’s rarely a pleasant experience to debate a liberal, and unfortunately if we really want to see change in this country, like laundry, it’s just something we have to keep doing. Luckily, I have spent a great deal of time in the trenches, fighting the good fight with logic, reason and a dash of conservative ideas, and I have developed some pointers I can pass along… take notes, there may be a quiz.

  1. The go-to for any liberal in distress is RACISM. Picture it. You’re debating a liberal named Moonbeam Unicorn-Dust about the progressive tax model and how it really doesn’t help the common man or support the middle class. You hit on loopholes and exemptions and all that other nifty stuff, and before you know it, they call you a RACIST. At first, this may cause you to pause because really, racism is a nasty thing. However, remember, this is a last ditch effort of any liberal in any debate when they are losing. Period. You could say, “Water is wet,” and if they disagree with you, you’re a racist.

  2. Liberals are SENSITIVE Have you ever tried to have a discussion with a hysterical child? Tried to reason with a three year old who was in full-blown meltdown? Then you know how impossible it can be to deal with a liberal gone sensitive. Many times, especially when debating money issues, liberals go sensitive, “It’s for the children,” “You evil republican, you want to feed old people dog food,” “I know you’re secretly funding the clubbing of baby seals!” Many of them simply cannot grasp reality and facts hurt their sensitive nature, so they pull the emotionally charged rhetoric that’s supposed to make you feel bad. Don’t. Remember, to a sensitive child, or a liberal, any time they don’t get their way, you’re a big ol’ meanie.

  3. Religion is their worst nightmare.
    God.  Yup. A liberal’s worst nightmare–other than Paul Rand–is God. For whatever reason, most liberals have a real problem with the idea of another person believing in something bigger than they are or having faith. Don’t be surprised if you’re having a discussion about education with a liberal and they start screaming, “SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE!” It most likely will have nothing to do with what you’re talking about, but trust me; they’ll find a way to bring up the removal of God from any public institution. And if they can’t do that, they’ll insult your faith and ridicule you for believing in fairy tales. Liberals have no faith, they believe in very little and are often afraid of things they don’t understand – God is a great example. Don’t lose your cool, or your faith, if they bash God. Just tell them you’ll pray for them, that’ll shut ‘em up every time.

  4. The only thing they’re really pro-choice about is abortion.
    They don’t want you to drink sugary soda, eat fatty foods, fire guns, drive big trucks, choose which schools your kids go to… but they believe you should have the choice to abort a baby. Huh. No big sodas but you can abort as you wish. Really? Now, should you find yourself in this debate (and you will, because they always seem to get around to this topic somehow), when they start talking about choice, you remind them the choice should have been whether or not to have sex, not whether or not to abort a baby. This will enrage them and lead to the next topic… sexism aka “The War on Women”.

  5. The War on Women (don’t laugh, they believe this stuff.) Once upon a time, I was in a debate with several liberals at once talking about unions. I was of course talking about their shameful tactics of forcing agendas and ripping off the workers and a little note popped up in my Facebook message center. The note was from a liberal man who proceeded to tell me I was a disgrace to my gender for being a conservative. This literally made me laugh out loud. I proceeded to explain to him that conservatives truly understand what it is to be a strong woman, that we don’t believe the government should take care of us or our kiddos and that we are more than capable of defending and protecting ourselves. He called me a few other names, which I’ll spare you, but by then I knew I’d won. The real war on women is form the left. They want us to believe we need the government to tell us where to work, how much we should make, which birth control to use… it’s really ridiculous. Liberals feed this idea; they thrive on it, which makes no sense to this woman. If you find yourself in this particular debate, remind them that republicans stand for the individual and the ability to succeed, and that we have more faith in women than they’ll ever understand.

These are my top five pointers and I guarantee you’ll find yourself in these very situations most every time you debate a liberal. The only other suggestions I can give you are to keep your sense of humor, and stay outta jail. Good luck in your debates and remember, even if they don’t always act like it, liberals are people too.


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