California Gun Owners, Beware!

politichick pic LisaMarieAllenAfter jumping through a multitude of flaming hoops, I am now the proud owner of a CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon) permit.  Despite the fact that I’ve owned a gun for 10 years and have taken multiple courses—including “Armed and Safe” and classes given by the Sheriff’s Department, it was still extremely difficult for me, as a Californian, to get a CCW.

After 9-11, 2001, I began to notice a different attitude with local police agencies in the town where I lived then. The responses I received when calling for help led me to believe they no longer were there to ‘Serve And Protect’.  In fact, they preferred Internet police reports when crime occurred.  It seemed obvious that they didn’t like leaving the station because when you drove by the Police Department, you could count twenty police vehicles in the lot at any given time.

In this same town, the Chief of Police (who lived in a very expensive city about 35 minutes away) was the person who was supposed to sign and authorize any CCW permits. He was an anti-gunner and never signed any.  Apparently he was getting ready to retire and didn’t seem to care about our rights or safety (and I’m sure by now he is collecting his fat union paycheck).  Ironically, if I had lived two blocks away I could have gone to the Sheriff’s Department in the next town for my permit because that county was more likely to give CCW’s.  Another interesting aspect was that the Mayor lived right around the corner from my husband and me; he could have vouched for us but wouldn’t. My husband and I even paid for and erected Neighborhood Watch signs to no avail—although what good would those signs have done if there was a home invasion and no one had guns?

The only CCW Permit ever issued in that city was for the District Attorney after an attempted stabbing of a Judge occurred at the local courthouse. That D.A. had never owned or fired a gun nor took any of the courses I had to take, yet she got her permit and was allowed to have her gun in the courthouse.

In part to solve this problem, I moved to a county in California where the Sheriff is Pro 2nd Amendment Rights. I applied for my CCW, was fingerprinted, checked out by the DOJ, and was interviewed.  Then I paid $150 in USD to the Sheriff’s department, and showed my coursework and my qualification at the gun range, which cost me another $50 USD.

After that, I waited six months for my permit to arrive.

Perhaps because I had three legal names in my lifetime and was born on an Army base overseas, I had to wait six months for my permit to arrive.  My husband applied the same day and received his three full months before I had mine.  The only other reason I can think of for the delay is because I also had one speeding ticket for going 45mph in a 35mph in the last city I lived in. That was my only brush with the law, a cop hiding in a cemetery on a road without any speed sign posted.  (I took an online course and that went away and was not held against me.)

So I now have the legal right to carry my gun in my purse or car in California–but I only have my CCW because I literally moved to the right county.  Meanwhile the gangbangers still carry illegal guns without all the requirements I had to endure and pay for.  It would seem that while I need to do all I can for the safety and lives of my family and me, at no time at all does there seem to be any concern for my personal safety from our legislators or local Police Departments.  In their unicorn utopia are the illegal guns going to magically go POOF?  Why is the burden for safety placed on the legal gun owner who has never harmed anyone?

I recently read an article on the Blaze about how certain legislators in California are attempting to grab perfectly legal guns—like mine–from perfectly legal gun owners—like me.   In all my 10 years of owning guns, I have never had the urge to “go postal”; I am a very good shot with a very cool level head and a great deal of common sense.

With all the upcoming bills and regulations, we might all be in for a fight to protect our 2nd Amendment Rights.  From the Blaze article:  “Under the sweeping gun control bills introduced by state Senate Democrats, all semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines would be banned, all guns would be registered and gun owners would need a special permit just to buy ammunition.”

Mercury News reports other bills would also include the following regulations:

  • Require anyone wishing to buy ammunition to first get a permit by passing a background check, as Los Angeles and Sacramento already do.
  • Update the definition of a banned shotgun with a revolving cylinder to include the new technology of a shotgun-rifle combination.
  • Prevent unregulated gun loans, with some exceptions, including hunting, in order to keep weapons from those who haven’t passed background checks.
  • Require all handgun owners obtain a safety certificate every year, rather than the every-five-years requirement for purchases of new handguns.
  • Prohibit anyone barred from owning a weapon from living in a home where weapons are kept and to expand the list of crimes for which convictions result in being barred from gun possession.
  • Let the state Justice Department use money from the state’s Dealer’s Record of Sale system to eliminate the backlog of people identified as no longer allowed to own guns but not yet investigated and contacted by law enforcement.

Basically what this would mean is that every year you would have to go through the flaming hoops to keep your gun. This of course would require more government and tax dollars to enforce all this ridiculous foolishness!

These same bureaucrats claim that “sweeping gun regulations will save lives.”’ What about my life, and my tax dollars that paid for the Police who refuse to leave the station?

Meanwhile, in the town I moved from—where I couldn’t get my CCW permit–gangs are growing and the murder rates are up. Meth labs and pot growers are renting and polluting and bringing in more crime. Homes are being abandoned and boarded up after SWAT teams invade them in what once was a $900,000.00 neighborhood. Good luck filing your online report to an unresponsive Police Department, where a little girl murdered in broad daylight by a neighbor a few years back.  A gang member was shot in the same area, resulting in an episode of ‘America’s Most Wanted’.

After all the hoops I had to go through in order to obtain my CCW (including moving to another town), it seems the lawmakers in California completely disregard us as law-abiding citizens with rights.  We are only viewed as a source of tax monies. We are boiled down to “revenue units” in their minds—or worse, we are considered their property, and as we all know, property does not have rights…

Of course, there are still some “good guys” out there.  Be sure to CLICK HERE for a link of the Sheriff’s who still believe in our 2nd Amendment Rights.  Look closely; if you do not see your Sheriff listed here, please call and voice your concerns.  We need our Sheriff’s to support and keep our right to bear arms!


Lisa Marie Allen

Lisa Marie Allen is a Registered Nurse, a computer graphics specialist, a wife, mother and a dog rescuer. Lisa has lived all across the U.S.A.

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