Planned Parenthood Corruption

PlannedParenthoodMoneyIsn’t it time we start holding our government accountable? How are they spending our money? One of the big recipients of taxpayer funds is none other than Planned Parenthood. While I personally am staunchly pro-life, even if you are not, you should be concerned with how your money is being spent. For fiscal year 2012, Planned Parenthood reported receiving $542 million dollars in federal funding. Under the guise of women’s reproductive health services, Planned Parenthood is so much more, yet so much less than they actually are. So how did they spend this money? If you aren’t outraged yet, you’re about to be…


Planned Parenthood reported a record year for abortions last year with 333,964 abortions performed for the fiscal year. That works out to be about 1 every 94 seconds. A recent rise in federal funds is most likely at the source of the increase in abortions, even though federal funds are not supposed to go towards abortions. Planned Parenthood only provided 2,300 adoption referrals. This means that less than ONE PERCENT (.69%) of women counseled were even given adoption options or referrals. I have my own conclusions as to why this is; you can draw your own…but basically just follow the money/funding.

The Mammogram Fallacy

Planned Parenthood touts that 12% of their services are to provide cancer screenings and prevention. While this seems noble, is it the whole truth? Not even close. Mammograms are a vital way to determine if a woman has breast cancer therefore an important screening tool. President Obama himself even proclaimed that Planned Parenthood provides mammograms to women in need. This is false. Completely false. Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms at all; they do provide referrals to clinics where mammograms can be done. Why build up a service that they don’t even offer?

Black Friday Discounts and Mother’s Day Donations

A South Florida Planned Parenthood did the unthinkable when they actually offered coupons on Black Friday for discounts on their services, including office visits, emergency contraception, and even abortions. And then there was the solicitation for Mother’s Day donations–because nothing says, “I love you, Mom” more than a donation in her name to an organization that aborts one baby every minute and a half! Classy promotions from a less-than-reputable organization.

Unreported Child Rape

There have been many allegations of Planned Parenthood agencies failing to report child rape and other sex crimes against women. The most notable of these was a girl in Ohio who was sexually abused by her father from the age of 13. When she became pregnant at 16, her father took her to a Planned Parenthood clinic for an abortion.  The girl told workers that she was being forced to have sex, yet clinic workers failed to report it to the authorities. Planned Parenthood was forced to settle the suit because they had failed to comply with mandatory reporting procedures. “What this young woman went through as a young teenager is horrifying enough,” said Dana Cody (Executive Director of the Life Legal Defense Foundation) “She was forcibly raped, impregnated, forced to have an abortion, and then sent back for more abuse – a tragedy that Planned Parenthood could have prevented by simply complying with the law.”

In another case, a 14-year-old girl was impregnated by her 22-year-old soccer coach.  This, too, went unreported. Clinic workers allowed her coach to sign for her abortion and violated the state’s 24-hour waiting period. These are just two of many, many cases where statutory rape and sexual abuse are not only not reported, but also in most cases covered up, thus allowing it to continue. The Mona Lisa Project provides video documentation of instances where Planned Parenthood has been caught on tape covering up sexual abuse and other crimes. How is this good for a woman’s (or girl’s) health?

Teaching Girls how to Cover Bruises from Abuse with Makeup

Yeah, that’s right, you did indeed read the subheading correctly. While Planned Parenthood is not responsible for creating the video titled “How to look your best the morning after” itself, they are responsible for promoting it on their “Info for Teens” Facebook page. This does not promote a clear message that girls and women should respect themselves and keep themselves safe at all. It certainly does not promote women’s health in any way whatsoever.

Keeping in mind that these examples are only barely scratching the surface, shouldn’t it make you want to require a higher standard of accountability? Planned Parenthood has been exposed and their agenda should be clear to anyone who actually looks at it. The organization certainly does serve some needs for women in need of health services. The bad and the corruption, however, outweigh any good that they have done. Shouldn’t an organization receiving millions of our tax dollars be accountable for how they utilize that money? You decide.

Share your stories of Planned Parenthood with us below in the comments.

(UPDATE by Editor: Thank you reader Angel548 for this Fox News video (CLICK HERE to watch) in which Rep. Marsha Blackburn is trying to defund Planned Parenthood.)

Karen O'Day

Karen O'Day is a Christian, homeschooling mom to three children and a concerned parent turned political activist. Karen holds two degrees in business and is active in Conservative politics. Educating apathetic people about our country's history, its founders, and the Constitution are areas in which she is particularly attentive to. Karen can be found on Facebook: and on twitter @KarenODay

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