Live Conference Call With My Congressman

Congressman CollinsRecently I was invited to participate in a live conference call with my new Georgia U.S. Representative, Doug Collins.  I wanted to take full advantage of this opportunity and ask the most important question possible because we in America are presently inundated–nay, strangled–by our own oppressive government.   There were so many issues to choose from: Obamacare, Benghazi, our 2nd Amendment Rights, taxes, hideous regulations that are smothering small business, the far-reaching EPA and all items “green,” absurdity of manmade global warming, big unions, open borders and illegal aliens, and on and on, the list appears to have no end.

But pressing upon my mind first and foremost was honor. HONOR.  America has been a beacon of honor to the world– but are we still?  I knew I wanted to talk about Benghazi, so when my Congressman said, “Good evening, Abigail,” this is what I said:

I greeted the Congressman and gave my name and city.

“Hello Congressman Collins.  I am an American Patriot–a real Patriot and I want to address Benghazi.  First, I want to know where the President was during the 8-hour terrorist attack, which happened during the daytime, because we know that he and his group were watching as our Americans were pleading for help.  Where was our President?  He has never told us where he was.   I want to know why Americans serving our nation on foreign soil were not provided with adequate protection after asking repeatedly for it.  

Also, we know that both Mr. Woods and Mr. Dougherty were murdered while the President and Mrs. Clinton watched them asking for help; we know that those men fully expected help from the air; we also know that they died late in the siege, around the 7th hour.  So why was no help sent to these men? 

And I want you to know that I am not yet over Ft. Hood, by the way.  I remember not so long ago when a group of our men had finished their tour of duty in Afghanistan and were ready to return home. Gen. McCrystal first sent them up into the mountains of Afghanistan to retrieve casualties–because that is what Americans do.  And so how is it that our President and his associates watched, in real time, as Americans were murdered by terrorists and did nothing and are seemingly getting away with it with no accountability? I want answers. I want accountability. And I want to know who it is that will require firm answers from our President, from Mrs. Clinton and the rest.  Those are my questions for you tonight, Mr. Congressman.

Congressman Collins said he concurred and would take my questions along with his to the Committee Hearing.  He later released a statement that because of restraints of Secretary Clinton’s time, he did not have the opportunity to question her but that he said he would submit his questions to her in writing.  He also made clear that “civil servants and their families who are serving our country overseas deserve to know that their safety and security is a priority of the State Department. Unfortunately, this Administration failed to provide for the basic security needs of its diplomats, resulting in the tragic deaths of four Americans following attacks on the Benghazi consulate.”

I will say, the lies told by the Obama administration in that hearing for the purpose of covering up their failure to protect and rescue our own people is utterly reprehensible and inexcusable.  I’m sad for the families of these heroes and I’m sad for our nation.  We the People cannot let this go gently into the night.   The world is watching, America.


Abigail Adams

Georgia PolitiChick Abigail Adams is the proud daughter of a WWII foot soldier who served on the front lines in France and Germany. Because of her father, she was reared and steeped in patriotism. She is a true southern woman who lives in the foothills of beautiful North Georgia and works as a homemaker. As if that is not enough, Abigail is active in the home schooling of her grandsons, ages five and 15 years. Abigail works with conservative candidates on their campaigns and is a member of her county and state Republican Party. She understands the importance of her grandson's generation having knowledge of history and being a patriot, so she takes her them with her to Tea Party gatherings and Republican meetings. She also includes the boys with her when she is involved with local and national political activities. In addition to family and politics, Abigail enjoys gardening, sewing, cooking, conservative talk radio, and reading history and biographies of our Founders and of more contemporary heroes such as Ronald Reagan and Winston Churchill. Love for America, our Constitution, and a deep admiration for our Founding Fathers flows through Abigail's veins, and her heart's desire is to help restore America and bring her back to her roots of freedom, justice, liberty, and world leadership. Long live America; may her light shine forever.

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