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Day: January 17, 2013

The Surprise Tax Attack

In the past week many Americans received an undeniable shock when they opened their paychecks.  I know my husband certainly got one when he opened his.  The check he was looking at no longer had...

Is it Time for America to Take a Chill-pill?

On January 15, 2013, a high school was locked down in Long Island, NY, due to a boy carrying a Lime Green Nerf gun in his backpack.  On the same day, two six year old boys were suspended from...

Texas State Rep Simpson Talks Agenda 21

PolitiChick anchor Ann-Marie Murrell discusses the very real dangers of Agenda 21 with Texas State Representative David Simpson.

Obama Utilizing Hitler’s Technique

Obama’s recent photo op, with children conveniently posed in the background, was manipulating his agenda into the lives of every law-abiding human being in the United States.  Adolph Hitler used...