Proud to Be a Loser (On the RIGHT Side)

The day after the elections I went to the grocery store. While looking through the dairy aisle, a young clerk excitedly approached me with victory in his eyes.  I consider myself a good loser, but it sure doesn’t mean I want to talk about losing with anyone right now.  As I imagine the emotional impact to Governor Romney and his family, the only thing I feel right now is sad.

For two days after the re-election of President Obama, my Ron Paul- supporting son followed me around the house with a piece of orange paper that held five questions which he was anxious to ask me.  After taking forty-eight hours to subdue the shock of Gov. Romney losing (and feeling like a goose with a nail in its head), I succumbed to my politically inclined offspring and sat down to answer his questions.

In a nutshell, his questioning was intent on my admitting obvious flaws in the Republican platform and accepting that the outcome of the election somehow proved our ideology is outdated, alienating, inefficient, and dysfunctional.

To his innocent wonder and dismay, I did not agree.

There is nothing wrong with our Party but there is something wrong with the outcome of this election.  There is nothing wrong with being pro-woman and pro-life while protecting the unborn child and it’s mother from the reality, of abortion.  There is nothing wrong with being old and white and a man, like my beloved father and his brothers.  There is nothing wrong with believing in the individual, capitalism, freedom of religion and the right to own a gun.  There is nothing wrong with being a Mormon, Jew, Baptist or an Atheist or whatever else in this land of religious freedom. There is no indecency with being free and fighting to secure our inalienable rights.

It is not unfair to work hard and become successful, all by oneself.  There is no immorality in being responsible and rising to the cause of citizenship by staying informed and involved in our Government.

When President Lincoln gave the Gettysburg address he was speaking with a directive to his audience that went far beyond the ravages of the Civil War.  The President wanted to lift up the inner conscience of citizens, to always hold firm and be protective of the American virtue of democracy.  President Abraham Lincoln said that the “government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from this earth.”

Socialism and communism suffocate the soul by limiting freedom and choice, painting a whole society the color grey.  This is what our President stands for as the captain of the “winning” side.

There is nothing wrong with losing–when you are on the right side.





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